Gimme News Weekly Wrap-Up: March 20-26

Gimme News Weekly Wrap-Up: March 20-26

Friday, March 20:
-- SXSW: Rhymesayers showcase, the Hold Steady, and two churches

Saturday, March 21:
-- SXSW: Devo, Devo, Devo

Monday, March 23:
-- SXSW: The best of the best
"A rundown of my absolutely favorite acts at this year's South by Southwest festival..."
-- Kristoff Krane announces two forthcoming digital EPs
"Last year's full-length debut by Kristoff Krane, This Will Work for Now, garnered high praises from critics and DJs across town -- the disc landed on our Top 10 list last year, and Barb Abney at the Current has been spinning his song "Miracles" ever since."
-- P.O.S. covers Pearl Jam's "Why Go?"
-- Bob Dylan: Your weekly update
-- Mischke Mix: Monday, March 23

Tuesday, March 24:
-- Black Blondie announce new album
"The fusion of sounds on Black Blondie's debut full length are as irresistible as they are undefinable. Blending soul, jazz, funk, R&B, hip-hop, pop, and the kitchen sink, their new album is more of a feeling than a particular sound; these ladies are chill, and they want you to feel chill too."
-- Mischke Mix: Tuesday, March 24

Wednesday, March 25:
-- Heart at Treasure Island: Ten rockin' reasons to make the trip
-- Adam Svec releases video for "747"
-- Metallica to rock Target Center this October
"An October 13 show date might be a long way off, but their jaw dropping late-2008 release Death Magnetic (yes, we'll gladly stick up for it) is loud enough, deep enough and fast enough to sustain you through the dog days of summer."
-- Mischke Mix: Wednesday, March 25

Thursday, March 26:
-- Blender magazine officially unplugged
"The newsworthiness of Blender's closing should be taken seriously-- amid a tsunami of newspaper closures across the country, the toppling of print periodical's glossy, spine-bound kin is another alarming step towards that fearsome singularity that awaits just beyond our event horizon."
-- Shellac to play Varsity Theater this June
"It's been a stretch since Shellac has played the Twin Cities, but the announcement was made yesterday that the storied indie three-piece, which also includes fellow producer and engineer Bob Weston, that they would be playing the Varsity on June 25th, with just a $12.00 price ticket."
-- Metallica, Newsted to reunite at Hall of Fame induction
"Metallica has made a nasty habit of burning bridges as they go along, a scorched Earth policy that has left people like Newsted and Dave Mustaine before him, charred in their wake..."
-- Mischke Mix: Thursday, March 26

From the City Pages:
-- Devo, Janelle Monáe, and Solid Gold wow music nerds at SXSW
"Because of the sheer magnitude of the festival, no two attendees will come away with the same experience. One person's new favorite band could still be unknown to thousands of others..."
-- The Evening Rig sloughs off the 'Mats comparisons
"Listening to the Evening Rig is a bit like going back home and eating one of grandma's hearty, home-cooked meals--especially if your grandma is a heavy drinker who has an odd preoccupation with Reckless-era Bryan Adams."
-- Flavor Crystals embark on a national tour supporting Brian Jonestown Massacre
"It must be some sort of cruel irony that I received a speeding ticket on my way to interview Flavor Crystals--after all, no one would ever accuse Josh Richardson and his band of living in the fast lane..."
-- The Songs We Can't Escape: Havoc, Flo Rida, Ghostface Killah, Phish & Reigns.

-- Month in Music: March '09
-- Katy Perry delivers hot - not cold - performance at First Avenue
-- The 15 Hottest Gig Posters at Flatstock 20
-- South By Southwest: Devo, Mark Mallman, Voxtrot
-- South By Southwest: Glasvegas, Bishop Allen, Crystal Method
-- South By Southwest: Hold Steady, Lucero, Kaiser Cartel
-- South By Southwest: Live at the Red Eyed Fly and Stubb's BBQ
-- Village Voice Media SXSW Party: Meese, Bear Hands, Crystal Antlers, Gomez and M. Ward
-- South By Southwest, Day One
-- South By Southwest, Day One, Part Two
-- South By Southwest, Day Two
-- South By Southwest, Day Three
-- South By Southwest, Day Three, Part Two
-- South By Southwest, Day Four
-- South By Southwest, Day Four, Part Two

Next Week's New Releases (March 31):
-- Pansy Division That's So Gay [Alternative Tentacles]
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
-- John Parish & PJ Harvey A Woman A Man Walked By [Island/03.30]
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
John Parish & PJ Harvey "Black Hearted Love" (video)
-- Peter Bjorn & John Living Thing [Almost Gold Recordings]
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)
Peter Bjorn and John "Nothing To Worry About" (video)
-- Prince LOtUSFLOW3R [Target exclusive/03.29]
-- Prince MPLSoUND [Target exclusive/03.29]
(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

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