Gimme News Weekly Wrap-Up: June 5-11


From the City Pages:

-- Red Pens don't run dry on Reasons

"Howard Hamilton III and Laura Bennett are the ultimate DIYers"

-- Doomtree's Cecil Otter finds his voice apart from the rap pack

"Sage Francis' label picks up Otter's 2008 release, Rebel Yellow"

-- Jay Epstein with Bill Carrothers & Anthony Cox Easy Company Review

"Easy Company is an admirable follow-up: a sparkling collection of uncommon standards, surprising covers, a handful of Epstein originals, and a concluding suite that juxtaposes wistfulness with the heart of darkness."

-- Toki Wright A Different Mirror Review

"Toki Wright's reputation as an all-around good egg in Minnesota rap hasn't necessarily helped his career: For years his prominence as promoter and organizer eclipsed the fact that he can flow on the mic..."

-- The Songs We Can't Escape: Black Eyed Peas, Ape School, the Field, Poon & Tortoise.


-- Maria Isa CD release party at First Avenue

-- Club shots: Get Cryphy brings the house down again

-- Crystal Method whips First Ave into breakbeat frenzy

Friday, June 5:

-- Lookbook kick off promising Sky Pesher concert series

-- Gay Beast written up in the New Yorker

"Good lord. Not only is the New Yorker, the Grand High Muckity Muck of culture and commentary, giving one of our favorites a few loving strokes, but the thing is even knowledgeable and well-informed."

-- Mischke Mix: Friday, June 5

Saturday, June 6:

-- Local singer-songwriter Jeff Hanson dead at 31

"Jeff Hanson, a local singer known for his beautiful high-register voice and refined songwriting skills, was found dead in his apartment yesterday. According to his sister Sara, who contacted us via email, 'It appears to be an accident in his apartment but we do not have any details just yet.'"

Monday, June 8:

-- The Idle Hands get busy at the Kitty Cat Klub

"The Kitty Cat Klub was the place to be Saturday night. At least that's how it seemed as I waded through the thick crowd of scenesters and local luminaries and attempted to get close the tiny corner stage."

-- Gaslight Anthem announce rescheduled Minneapolis show

-- Tweecap: Grizzly Bear was hot, sweaty, and encore-free

-- Mischke Mix: Monday, June 8

Tuesday, June 9:

-- Prince swoons over West Side's Karen Olivo

"When Prince wants something, he gets it. Which is how the Purple One, in a span of a few hours Sunday night, went from watching the Tony Awards at home to venturing out into Manhattan to hunt down West Side Story star Karen Olivo and corner her at a party."

Wednesday, June 10:

-- New video: City on the Make, "Chicks on Bikes"

-- The Minnesota Zoo pisses off Chrissie Hynde

"The Pretenders concert, which is also slated to feature openers Cat Power and Juliette Lewis, is being moved to another venue after frontwoman Chrissie Hynde wrote a critical letter to zoo officials."

-- Gaslight Anthem relocate show to Cabooze

-- Mischke Mix: Wednesday, June 10

Thursday, June 11:

-- The Alarmists The Overhead Left Review

"In the 'Best Of' issue of the City Pages this year, we inaccurately reported that the Alarmists had broken up. The reason for this misstep was simple; back in January of this year, we were informed by members of the band that they were playing a final pair of shows at the 7th St. Entry before disbanding..."

-- 5 Questions with infamous gay rapper Johnny Dangerous

-- DJ Q&A: Otherworldly spaceman Alexander East

-- Mischke Mix: Thursday, June 11

Next Week's New Releases (June 16):

Amanda Blank I Love You [Downtown Records]

(MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Incubus Moments And Melodies [Epic]

(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)

Major Lazer Guns Don't Kill People, Lazers Do [Domino]


Spinal Tap Back From The Dead [The Label Industry]

(Official) (MySpace) (Wikipedia)