Gimme News Weekly Wrap-Up: Feb.13-19, 2009

Monday, Feb. 16:

-- Monotonix leave Uptown Bar in ruins

"Much has been said of Monotonix and their antics. But there's no way to author a review of the Israeli three-piece without insisting that their histrionics are, quite literally, without peer. No band, active or inactive, has so consistently summoned so forceful and imaginative a live act. Ever. Period."

-- Let It Be Records to hold another huge sale this weekend

"At last weekend's VFW record show, Let It Be announced that they would be holding the sale again -- this time at the Soo Gallery in Uptown, and with all new inventory."

-- 5 Questions with: The Mighty Underdogs

"Bay Area rap trio The Mighty Underdogs were in town last week at the Cabooze and we got to kick it with them (Gift Of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker & Headnodic) before they shoved off for another tour stop to promote their new Def Jux album, Droppin' Science Fiction. We present to you: 5 Questions with the Mighties."

Tuesday, Feb. 17:

-- Modern Radio launches Twitter feed

"With the launch of their new Twitter account, one need not sift through the seemingly endless crawl of threads on the message board to find the stuff that might really have an impact on your ears and your spirit."

-- Whole Music Club announces line-up for Making Music's ninth season

"Today on Making Music's website, the line-up for the 2009 spring season has been announced, and with Black Blondie, David Longstreth (of the venerable New York electronic outfit Dirty Projectors), and Trip Shakespeare's Dan wilson [sic], it's a scattering of gold doubloons that should make your spring viewing highly enriching."

Wednesday, Feb. 18:

-- Global Village "retiring?"

"The news broke in the predawn hours yesterday, in an ignominious, uninformative, but firm statement through their Facebook page-- Global Village, which has been situated on Minneapolis' West Bank for as long as University twenty-somethings can possibly recall, is closing its doors."

-- Reporter's Notebook: Gary Louris interview transcript

-- Reporter's Notebook: Mark Olson interview transcript

-- Ben Kweller shines; The Watson Twins should sha-sha-shush

"The Watson Twins may have soul, but they've got no fever. During their opening set for Ben Kweller Tuesday, the paper-thin identical waifs rattled off a lackluster set with the enthusiasm of an exhumed roadie."

-- Aw Naw Hell Naw: An Open Letter to Ron Browz

"I decided this week I would air out some things that have been bothering me about 'Ether Boy' Ron Browz. You know, the 'Pop Champagne' guy."

-- CP crashes the Twitter party

"Follow for links to standout content, gossip and music news around town and the world at large, Twin Cities happenings, and maybe even a contest or two when the time is right."

-- Vampire Hands announce spring 2009 tour dates

"The future gets brighter every day for Vampire Hands--by this time next year, they might have to trade in their Blue Blockers on some welding goggles."

-- Mark Olson and Gary Louris: the bonus features

"In this week's print edition, I spoke with former Jayhawks Mark Olson and Gary Louris, who recently reunited after years apart to record a new album, Ready for the Flood. You can read all about the ups and downs of the duo's friendship and the details about their new album in my feature article."

Thursday, Feb. 19:

-- Maps of Norway calls it quits

"After several years as an active and edifying part of the local music community, after peppering our record collections with a pair of outstanding full lengths, and after entrancing us for so many Big V's Saturdays, the ethereal rock quintet Maps of Norway have decided to pack it up."

-- MP3 of the Week: Dearling Physique

-- Spark Festival combines art, music, and voltage

"Minneapolis is a glorious city for an art fanatic. Case in point: the currently ongoing Spark Festival, an annual 6-day celebration of electronic innovation in both arts and music."

-- Motley Crue hit their spots, miss their high notes

"Fortunately for Motley Crue, their greatest hits collection is decidedly broader and more enduring than most of their peers'. The show opened with the infallible 'Kickstart My Heart,' which, despite Vince Neil's apparent breathlessness half-way in, and his audible fudging of the lyrics, the Crue performed with well-appointed leering glee."

From the City Pages:

-- Jayhawks flocking together once again

"The first line of the first single off the new album by Mark Olson and Gary Louris begins mid-sentence, as if picking up partway through a story we should already know."

-- The Jayhawks, Yesterday and Today

"Catching up with some of the 'Hawks' most prominent members."

-- The Songs We Can't Escape: Gucci Mane, Axemrangers, Lil Mama, Millionaires & Smashing Pumpkins.


-- Motley Crue, Hinder and Theory Of A Deadman rip it at the Xcel

-- The Jayhawks: From the photo archives

-- Famous rapper David Banner goes bowling... in Blaine

-- Club shots: Dre Day '09 keeps our heads ringin'

Next Week's New Releases (Feb. 24):

-- Black Lips 200 Million Thousand [Vice]

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-- Black Lips "Short Fuse" (mp3)

-- Joe Budden Padded Room [Amalgam Digital]

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-- Hatebreed For The Lions

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-- K'naan Troubador

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-- Lamb of God Wrath [Epic]

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