Gimme News Weekly Wrap-Up: April 3-9


Friday, April 3:
-- Ladytron get serious at First Ave
"Partying (or not) since 1999, Ladytron has been crafting electronic soundtracks for a solid decade. Their solemn, stoic faces are totally part of their gig, playing straight into their darkly laced pop songs and challenging their audience to see through the presentation."
-- Steve Foley to be remembered during Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions
"Drummer Steve Foley, who passed away last year, will have his photograph displayed in a slideshow during the memorial segment of the program. Foley, best known as the final drummer for the Replacements, also contributed his skills to numerous local bands including Curtiss A, Wheelo, and, most recently, the Snaps."

Monday, April 6:
-- Wavves? Yawwn.
"So it was at the 7th Street Entry last night, where noise darling Wavves performed to a near capacity crowd, but not before being thoroughly upstaged by locals Vampire Hands, who executed with harmony and stage presence that headliner Wavves could only hint at, and even that with great boredom."
-- Junior Boys make synth magic at First Ave
"The Canadian threesome pleased the crowd with their latest beat happy tracks, mixing in a fair amount of fan favorites and keeping things totally chill onstage and off."
-- Britney Spears: He said / She said
"Leading up to her show and watching her perform, I wanted so badly to root for the fallen pop angel, to cheer her on as she perseveres through her crazy, crazy life. But there was something so tragic about her show, and I think it speaks volumes about her status in our culture..."

Tuesday, April 7:
-- Bob Dylan releases another new track
-- Morrissey delivers riveting performance at the State
"The set seemed to ebb and flow between audience favorites, old classics, and songs from his new album, Year of Refusal, and really only dragged at one or two places for only a moment at time."

Wednesday, April 8:
-- The 757s release new video, album title

Thursday, April 9:
-- Flyer of the Week: His Mischief
-- More Cowbell celebrates 5th anniversary
-- White Mice devour the Turf Club
"White Mice. Plutonium brought to a boil. Remote control batteries bursting with corrosion. Amphetamines and ether. The tempetuous sound was nearly too much to bear, the kind that kept a wary crowd at a safe distance for the first song or twos."

From the City Pages:

-- Halloween, Alaska's Champagne Downtown explores luxury
"In anticipation of the band's CD-release show this weekend at First Avenue, City Pages caught up with Halloween, Alaska drummer David King and guitarist/vocalist James Diers to talk about the new album, lineup changes, and staying apolitical in a divisive age."
-- Dan Israel See The Morning Light Review
"From a place of personal crisis comes See the Morning Light, the 10th solo album in roughly a decade from Dan Israel. Following 2007's rousing Turning, an album recorded with an uplifting spirit guided by the help of countless friends, Israel hit an emotional low, one that left him in the grip of depression, from which it took him nearly a year to resurface."
-- The Songs We Can't Escape: Animal Hospital, the Dream, Modern Music, Open Star Clusters and White Suns.

-- Morrissey sweats through three shirts at the State Theatre
-- Junior Boys play packed house at First Avenue
-- Club Shots: Get Cryphy celebrates Jimmy 2 Times' birthday

Next Week's New Releases (March 31):
-- The Datsuns Headstunts [Cooking Vinyl]
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-- Metric Fantasies [Metric Music International]
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-- Prefuse 73 Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian [Warp]
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Prefuse 73 "Preparations Kids Choir" (mp3)
-- Silversun Pickups Swoon [Dangerbird]
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-- Super Furry Animals Dark Days/Light Years [Rough Trade]
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-- Papercuts You Can Have What You Want [Memphis Industries]