GImme Leaks #3: Three Twin Cities hip-hop albums you may have missed

GImme Leaks #3: Three Twin Cities hip-hop albums you may have missed

There's a glut of hip-hop coming out of the Twin Cities, and it can be a lot to try to digest. In the spirit of the Gimme Noise Mixtape series that ran on this blog, we now present to you a more focused album roundup, selecting three recently released albums by local rappers that deserve recognition. Welcome to Gimme Leaks.

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Kaoz - Enter-Sextions Volumes 1 and 2

Kaoz has a pretty impressive résumé, as a spoken word artist, actor, playwright, HIV/AIDS educator and activist, but his skills with rap are particularly powerful as a middle ground between all of these points. His latest solo work Enter-Sextions is an original project using all facets of sex to create a range of songs that are both exceptional in terms of lyrical message and the flow that cements the sound. Described as a "coming-of-age of a young bisexual man," the narrative moves through the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of a relationship that grows from confusing and exciting to frightening and abusive, and climaxes (so to speak) with a self-empowerment anthem using bukkake as a metaphor. Even if that sounds like a strikingly original project in description, you'll still find yourself surprised by the twist and turns, as well as the distinctive flow that's difficult to compare.

Anxious - The Storm Before The Bigger Storm

Gearing up for the full release of The Storm Before the Bigger Storm on 4/20, Anxious (formerly known as Jason Anxious, also from the group Disxo) passed along this exclusive first listen as a taste of what direction he's headed in. "New Youniverse" is an original take on Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything," repurposing the song with new production to refer to a golden soul and an open third eye. Anxious is on the mind-enhancing end of the drug spectrum here, maintaining his gritty reputation in the lyrics while pushing to higher planes. With tripped-out production and vocals awash in the back of the mix, the combination of Anxious, James, and Rihanna (thanks to some tricky editing) sounds almost meant to be.

Dem Atlas - Charle Brwn EP

With a style that recalls underground West Coast legends like the Pharcyde and Freestyle Fellowship, Dem Atlas brings crazy energy and positive vibes to every track he touches. The quick-paced flow and melodic voicing smoothly floats along beats as he talks about his inner thoughts and feels a kinship with Charlie Brown. Charle Brwn packs a big punch and a lot of emotion into a relatively short work, and solidifies Dem Atlas as a rapper to whom you should pay close attention.

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