Gimme Leaks #2: Three Twin Cities hip-hop albums you may have missed

Gimme Leaks #2: Three Twin Cities hip-hop albums you may have missed

There's a glut of hip-hop coming out of the Twin Cities, and it can be a lot to try to digest. In the spirit of the Gimme Noise Mixtape series that ran on this blog, we now present to you a more focused album round-up, selecting three recently released albums by local rappers that deserve recognition. Welcome to Gimme Leaks.

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Kristoff Krane - fanfaronade Remixed

As a companion piece to last year's excellent fanfaronade, Kristoff Krane brings us the remix album, which features a new mix of every track by some talented producers like Brandon Allday, Big Jess, Andrew Broder, Big Cats, Anatomy, and more. The new beats bring a fresh perspective to tracks whose lyrics warrant multiple close listens. All proceeds from the album go to Kulture Klub Collaborative, which aims to serve the community of homeless teens with arts workshops and a supportive creative atmosphere.

Tufawon - Schwag

Mavin MC of Illuminous 3 wrote and produced this six song EP of his alter-ego Tufawon, whose penchant for dirt weed and ratty clothes serves as a metaphor for inner confidence superseding surface materialism. A tightly constructed piece that effectively builds a character and professes a life philosophy, it also houses a number of slick hooks, funny digressions, and killer beats. It's a solid effort throughout and stands as another example of the progression of Minneapolis underground rap. 

Ecid - Post Euphoria Vol. 1

A teaser for his new upcoming full-length, Ecid's Post Euphoria Vol. 1 is a fully realized project in and of itself. Showcasing densely constructed and infectious beats with raps that range from the humorous to the heavy, it defines Ecid's hard-working ethic as well as his loose approach. Officially being released for free on March 26th, with a release show at Triple Rock featuring Sean Anonymous, Bomba De Luz and Enemy Planes, we've got a leak early just because we're cool like that.

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