Gigamesh moving back to Minneapolis

Gigamesh moving back to Minneapolis
Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster

We've resigned ourselves to the fact that pretty much every beat Gigamesh touches is gold, from his role as Mike Posner's lead producer to his joke-track spoofing the Double Rainbow guy to his remixes under the Discotech alias.  He's a talented dude. So when we lost him to Miami last August, we were understandably bummed out that we wouldn't hear his sets regularly at Too Much Love and other dance parties around town. 

But today over a chat on Facebook, we found out the man called Matt Masurka is wrapping up in Miami (where the big Ultra festival is taking place now) and coming home next week.

"I feel really great about coming home," he told City Pages. "I'm not looking forward to the cold, but friends and family trump palm trees and warm weather."

Aww. If only we 'lifers' could keep that in mind more often. Perspective helps in spring snowstorms. 

So why'd he leave in the first place?

"I moved down with the goal of writing and performing more with Señor Stereo, but came to the conclusion that it makes the most sense to just pursue personal projects for awhile. I'm continuing to make stuff as Gigamesh and I'm building off the Mike Posner single by shopping pop demos around and working with major label artists."

Masurka tells us he's in the studio with a singer from Scotland this week and is aiming to have an EP out in spring, with remixes for Foster The People and Win Win to be released next month.

As for his future with Miami, Soviet Panda suggested he just stay there in the winter, which Masurka says sounds like a good idea.

Welcome back, Matt!

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