Gigamesh moves to Miami: A goodbye interview and mix

Gigamesh moves to Miami: A goodbye interview and mix

Twin Cities electronic music producer Gigamesh remixes dance pop and indie tracks like the average person changes clothes. Minneapolis dance floors and music blogs across the world have been the major beneficiaries, enjoying the crisp and bubbly Matt Masurka touch on tracks by everyone from Classix to Lykke Li to Radiohead. But soon Gigamesh will leave our local DJ booths for sunnier prospects in the clubber's playpen of Miami to join his two fellow partners that make up his DiscoTech producer trio.

When summer's a distant dream in the next few months, we'll be wishing we went with him, but something tells us his tracks will be heating up clubs around here for some time -- regardless of who's playing them.

Gigamesh cools out with his machinery
Gigamesh cools out with his machinery

Included in a long list of recent accomplishments is Gigamesh's production credit on Mike Posner's new album and his "It's So Intense" remix of the orgasmic "Double Rainbow" freakout now cemented into our YouTube-addicted brains. He's also consistently a top-ten favorite on popular music blog aggregator Hype Machine and as we mentioned, one-third of Miami's DiscoTech (love their updated version of "Satisfaction").  So now that you're convinced we're losing a great asset to our nightlife scene (and the tallest DJ in town), it's time to send him off. Here's the ever-telling exit interview and farewell mix he made exclusively for Gimme Noise, and if you see him in Miami, challenge him to a trance danceoff.  

Gimme Noise: Matt, we're sad to see you go! Why are you leaving the Twin Cities? 

Gigamesh: I'm leaving primarily because I have a growing network of contacts in Miami, but I also kind of want a change of scenery for awhile. I genuinely enjoy the winter, but I think it will be a while before I miss Minnesota temperatures.  I don't see myself becoming a Miami "lifer" by any means.  I've been there a few times and it's so different than anywhere else in the country (especially cities like Minneapolis).  Regardless of where I end up longterm, I'll always feel like Minnesota is home.  All my extended family is here, and I love the Twin Cities.  

Did you anticipate all the hoopla over the Double Rainbow remix? Have you ever done any spoofy productions like that before?

I have mixed feelings about that.  I realized shortly after that I was riding the coattails of an Internet meme and those wear out way too fast for anyone to care for very long.   I have a habit of impulsively remixing anything I think is interesting, without thinking about how people will view it.  But I'm happy with the song and I will be putting it on an album (but probably with less of his vocals so the source isn't as obvious).  And yes, I have done that before: I made one of the Bill O'Reilly freak-out which actually got a lot of rotation by club DJs.  As fun as those are, I don't think I'll be doing any more.

What productions or remixes do you have coming up? Any album or compilation in the works?

I just did a remix for Christina Aguilera that will be released as DiscoTech, and the remix I did for Mike Posner (which was turned into a radio single) is currently #7 on Billboard.  I'm working on Lookbook's album and just finished helping Estate on an EP (engineering/co-producing for both).  I'm also still in the early stages of promoting an album I released with Señor Stereo.

Between those projects, all my time has been devoted to making songs for an upcoming Gigamesh album.  I'm hoping to have it done and ready to be shopped to labels by winter. 

How did the Posner thing even come about?

His manager approached me last fall to do a remix and gave me the option between a few songs.  I chose "Cooler Than Me" and started sending them samples as I was working on it.  They liked it a lot but there was a little drama at one point because Mike ended up taking one of the samples I sent and reworked it into his own version, which ended up on his mixtape prematurely (and with no indication that he had changed it).  However, they smoothed that over and hired me again to condense it down into a radio-friendly single.  After awhile, my version started to get more attention than the original so they decided to make it into the official single.

Who are your heroes in dance music and why?

Like so many people my age, Daft Punk was my introduction to modern dance music and Justice revived my interest in it.  Lately I've been getting really into old italo-disco because it's so synth heavy and has a lot of crossover with other genres like techno, metal, and experimental orchestral stuff.  Some dance music heroes:  Daft Punk, Tiga, Joakim, Alexander Robotnick, James Murphy, Zombie Nation, Goblins, Liquid Liquid, Midnight Star, Caribou, etc.

What has been your favorite party to play in the Cities or abroad?

Too Much Love, hands down.  I'd be willing to bet that it's one of the best weekly parties in the country because the audience has been trained to be very open-minded and they are willing to dance to unfamiliar music.  Even compared to events I've been to in Miami, it is the best I've experienced so far. 

What's your guiltiest pleasure, music-wise? 

I hear a lot of people hating the Black Eyed Peas song "Imma Be".  The chorus is obviously corny, but I love the production.  I think is one of the most talented & creative musicians in pop (even if he is a HUGE sell-out).

If you had to choose one particular song to play in every set for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

The Popular People's Front - Church Love (Leo Zero Re-Edit).  It's just a disco edit of the New York Community Choir song 'Express Yourself'.  I'm not religious, but songs like this make me feel like I should be. 

Anything you'd like to add before you sign off?

Everyone come visit me in Miami!  We'll drink Cuban coffee and wing-dance to crappy trance all night!


Gigamesh's Twin Cities Farewell Mix

IIntro:  So Long, Farewell]

Faze Action - Moving Cities Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up (Jacques Renault Remix)

Gigamesh - Back Again --- NEW AND UNRELEASED

 Gigamesh - It's So Intense

Jimmy Edgar - Hot, Raw, Sex

Midnight Star - Midas Touch (Bassapella) Social Disco Club - Acid Town

 Liquid Liquid - Optimo

Voltage - All Night (Azari & III Remix) Marching Band - Another Day (Gigamesh Remix)

Estate - Dancing Time

MC Shy-D - Shake It (Gigamesh Edit) Barry White - Change (Gigamesh Edit)

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