Giamatti, del Toro cast in Three Stooges movie


In film's early days, bigoted film producers would cast Jewish actor's to portray Native Americans in early westerns-- a painful but true stain on the film industry.

Speaking of painful but true stains on the film industry, leave it to the Farrelly brothers (you know, the masterminds behind works like Stuck On You, Shallow Hal and Fever Pitch) to cast a Puerto Rican Oscar winner to play a Brooklyn-born Jew in the year 2010. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Imagine this, but for two hours, starring Paul Giamatti and Benicio del Toro.

That's exactly what's going down in the 2010 Three Stooges feature movie, which now includes Benicio del Toro in the role of Moe Howard and Paul Giamatti as Larry Fein.

There's two ways this could play out-- one, the Farrelly brothers are employing some left-field casting decisions in order to spice up their treatment of the stooges' career. It'll flop marvelously if it's so-- the Farrelly brothers have spent the last decade or so taking the stooges' formula of balletic violence and biting one-liners and watered them down with dick and fart jokes.

But consider this-- what if the Farrelly brothers are making a turn toward the dramatic, and using oscar winning actors to play the stooges in a tender hearted, Pollock-esque, warts-and-all biography of the great stars of stage and screen? If this is the case, we'll overlook Ozmosis Jones. We'll pardon Me, Myself & Irene. We'll even forgive The Heartbreak Kid. On the off chance that the demigods of everything that goes plop in the night are actually setting out to make an honest to God film, we'll keep our ears and eyes on the trailer feed.

I think we all know what the more likely outcome is-- a few actors a year or three past their prime are looking for a big ol' paycheck, and cashing in on the deplorably lucrative brothers. But you just never know. Nothing sweeter than a 9th inning comeback.