Ghostbusters 25th anniversary screening this Saturday


It's hard for me to believe that Ghostbusters is 25 years old. I remember the first time I watched the flick. It was at my friend Julie Carver's 7th birthday party. For us kids the movie was both terrifying and hilarious. And it was a big deal that we were watching it at her home because VHS was still a pretty new phenomenon in my suburban world.

OK, maybe I do believe Ghostbusters is that old.

This Saturday, the Uptown Theatre (2906 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612.825.6006) will be screening the classic horror-comedy at the stroke of midnight. Tickets are $9 for adults and $7 for kids and seniors.

Also on hand at the midnight movie will be two local ghostbustin' troupes, the Ghostbusters of MN and the cast of Ghostbustin' 911. The Ghostbusters of MN host parties and show up for parades and other fun events while Ghostbustin' 911 is a television show that airs on CTV Public Access Channel 15 in Roseville, and online. A parody of COPS, it features blue collar ghost hunters and their day-to-day spooky lives. Both groups with be in full form, showing up in their Ecto-1s.

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