Ghostband's 'Verdical' gets a cassette release from Moon Glyph


Yesterday the ever-inspiring, increasingly must-watch local label Moon Glyph released their 23rd cassette: the arresting, head-bobbing and ephemeral Verdical by Jon Davis's one-man improvi-glitch project Ghostband. 

A staple of Minneapolis's hyper-refined experimental electronic scene, Ghostband's new tape lays out his method and madness for all to dig into. Moon Glyph and Ghostband seem made for each other. 

For a fleeting moment you hear strains of electronic music's past and codified present, before getting herky-jerked into its fresh, anarchic future. Davis calls his writing process "real-time performative production" -- exactly what it sounds like and all the more amazing for what it yields: fluid, evolving compositions that will sound relatively spartan to any attendee of Marijuana Deathsquads' million-member-strong performances over the last year. Both projects mine similar veins to fascinatingly complex ends, but the depth and dynamic boom that Ghostband's staff of one exorcises from the voltage is a hypnotically impressive thing.

Verdical gets its own show Wednesday, January 26th @ the 7th Street Entry (w/Fat Kid Wednesdays and Brett Bullion). 8PM, 18+, $5.

Listen below to Verdical's "No Nutzzz" and a remix of Ghostband's "Mongols" by producer Mux Mool. You can find all the information necessary to acquire Verdical at Moon Glyph's website

Ghostband, "No Nutzzz"  

Ghostband, "Mongols" (Mux Mool remix)