Ghostband cassette-release tonight with Fat Kid Wednesdays

While the Best New Bands showcase rages on in the Mainroom tonight, another all-local bill will be celebrating next door in the 7th St. Entry. Not only will the show mark the cassette tape release of Ghostband's album, Verdical, but it will also be the first time that improvisational trio Fat Kid Wednesdays have performed since their 12-year residency at the Turf Club's Clown Lounge came to an end earlier this month.

To commemorate both of these occasions, Cyn Collins wrote a great piece for this week's City Pages that weaves together the story of Fat Kid Wednesdays' longstanding impact on the local improv scene with the emergence of one of their many collaborators over the years, Jon Davis of Ghostband.

Article: Ghostband's Jon Davis forges his own experimental path

It's a fascinating and pulsating part of our scene that tends to get glossed over by even the most aware local music fans, either because these bands' output isn't usually poppy enough or digested easily enough to be played on the radio, or because their work is so tireless and prolific and ubiquitous that it's easy to start taking their presence for granted.

But tonight, while a talented legion of buzz bands commands the crowd in the Mainroom, these established acts will be laboring away on their own special kind of madness. It'll well be worth coughing up a couple extra bucks to pay the crossover fee and see them in action.

GHOSTBAND play a cassette-release show with Fat Kid Wednesdays and Brett Bullion on WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26, at the 7th ST. ENTRY; 612.332.1775

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