Ghostband and Lovecat performing Saturday at Yeti Records

We've written a lot about multi-instrumentalist Jon Davis this year. While he may remain somewhat an obscurity we admire his worker-bee attitude and path to music making, scene building and the all around positive nature of his creative ethic and ability to rise to the challenge of having a hyperactive mind. It's really hard keeping up with everything the man does. That's why we feel it's part of our job to keep you up to date.

So since there's another opportunity to see Davis's one-man band, Ghostband, this Saturday at Yeti Records, we thought we'd post some of the new tracks Jon has frantically been adding to his online presence.

Whether these tracks will be released in physical form or ever be performed again it could be anyone's guess. But in the true spirit of electronic music pioneers like Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ), Tom Jenkinson (Squarepusher) and Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) this stuff flows with ease from all the wires and gadgets in Davis's arsenal.

Saturday's all ages show at Yeti Records is not only early and free but also gives resident artist and proprietor Lisa Luck another chance to show her talents in capturing the performer's visage -- which includes duo Lovecat, who are also performing Saturday.

Ghostband and Lovecat performing Saturday at Yeti Records

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