Ghost in the Water featured in this week's City Pages


Husband-and-wife duo Nathan and Mandy Tensen-Woolery have been on the scene for quite some time; you may recognize them from their work in the jangly, brooding rock band Fitzgerald. Recently, the duo have abandoned the guitars and xylophones for a synth-pop project, Ghost in the Water, and their sophomore record Shooting Stars and Battle Scars moves away from their previously somber undertones and gets downright silly.

[jump] "I'm finally looking around and realizing I can move people in many different ways," Nathan told Rob van Alstyne in this week's City Pages. "I can make them dance. Hopefully I can make them happy."

Read the full interview with Nathan and Mandy from Ghost in the Water here. Also in this week's paper: Ray Cummings' weekly examination of the top hits, "5ingles," and our critics' picks for this week's top shows.

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