Ghost in the Water featured in this week's City Pages

Ghost in the Water featured in this week's City Pages
Photo courtesy of Ghost in the Water

Husband-and-wife duo Nathan and Mandy Tensen-Woolery have been on the scene for quite some time; you may recognize them from their work in the jangly, brooding rock band Fitzgerald. Recently, the duo have abandoned the guitars and xylophones for a synth-pop project, Ghost in the Water, and their sophomore record Shooting Stars and Battle Scars moves away from their previously somber undertones and gets downright silly.

"I'm finally looking around and realizing I can move people in many different ways," Nathan told Rob van Alstyne in this week's City Pages. "I can make them dance. Hopefully I can make them happy."

Read the full interview with Nathan and Mandy from Ghost in the Water here. Also in this week's paper: Ray Cummings' weekly examination of the top hits, "5ingles," and our critics' picks for this week's top shows.

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