Get tickets to the Walkmen at 10 Thousand Sounds for only $10

Get tickets to the Walkmen at 10 Thousand Sounds for only $10
Photo by Tony Nelson

Today we're feeling a bit like a circus barker or the late, great Billy Mays with this City Pages Daily Deal. No matter -- this is an exceptional value that you just won't want to miss! For a limited time only, you can get two tickets to see the Walkmen and the entire 10 Thousand Sounds lineup -- including Free Energy, Greg Grease, Strange Names, Prissy Clerks, and hosts the Chalice -- for the price of one!

That's 50 percent off the original $20 ticket price, for the June 22 event put on by City Pages at 8th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis. Save time and money, and head to the Daily Deals site here. But wait, there's so... much... more!

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Included in this wildly affordable ticket promotion is the entertainment provided by not one, not two, not three, not four, not even five acts. This is six (!) prominent local and national musicians for the price of a cocktail at Marvel Bar, or a medium-sized meal at the Lund's lunch bar, or what you paid to park in the Block E ramp when there was a Lumineers concert at Target Center.

With the $10 you've saved by taking advantage of the 10 Thousand Sounds Daily Deal here, you could head to IKEA and buy these two fine lamps.

Get tickets to the Walkmen at 10 Thousand Sounds for only $10

But WAIT, there actually is more. We're just getting started. The $10 ticket price is actually an even better value because:

1. Free Stuff
Your 10 Thousand Sounds wristband provides free admission to the 10 Thousand Sounds Afterparty at Mill City Nights featuring DJ sets by Free Energy and BadNraD. Getting 10 whole hours of music in downtown for only $10(!?) That's a dollar per hour.

2. Save Money Now
Ticket prices at the door for 10 Thousand Sounds rise to $25. So you are actually saving FIFTEEN BUCKS by picking up a ticket right now. They make great gifts for college kids, baristas, dental assistants, second cousins, and spouses. For 21 and over.

3. Unmatched Cultural Currency
It's 10 Thousand Sounds, people. That's 1,000 sounds for each dollar spent. This is a value you won't find in another progressive metropolitan city any time soon again. Ride your bike to the event and save even more money on gas!

Get a $10 ticket to the City Pages 10 Thousand Sounds festival here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, or here. Supplies are limited, and an offer this good might not last forever.

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