Get Cryphy's Jimmy2Times & Plain Ole Bill: Interview + free mix

Plain Ole Bill (left) and Jimmy2Times
Plain Ole Bill (left) and Jimmy2Times
Photo by Denis Jeong Plaster
This week's music feature focuses on two DJs at the center of the rowdiest dance party in Minneapolis. Plain Ole' Bill and Jimmy 2 Times -- POS's DJ and City Pages' Best DJ of 2009, repsectively -- are at the forefront of "Get Cryphy" at First Avenue every first Friday of the month. We had a lot of extra content on this one, and here are a few interview highlights that didn't make it into the article. Also, make sure you check the DJ mix at the end of this post -- with tracks by Pitbull, Outkast and Jay-Z, it's a must-have.

BILL AND JIMMY on: The craziest Get Cryphy moment

JIMMY: I don't want to use names, but if I tell this story they'll know exactly who they are. There was a very erotic instance at Cryphy once. These two chicks just started going at it right in front of the DJ booth for like ten minutes.

BILL: More than that.

JIMMY: Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. It was to the point where people were taking pictures and posing in front of them. I'm constistnaly impressed with how rowdy people get. The jumping up and down, the hands in the air, it floors me. It's awesome, but the two chicks going at it for a long time was insane. They were getting more than Cryphy. They were corny club chicks, they didn't look like lesbians. It's like, we're playing club rap and you were like, 'Oh my god, I'm so horny"? OK!

BILL:  Like 30 people took photos.

JIMMY: The reason I'm reserved with that one is that we put one of the photos of them up on a Cryphy event page on Facebook and one of the girl's friends tagged her in it. So the girl hit me up and said,"I'm a designer, take that picture down right now or I'm going to threaten legal action..." I know it sounds kind of bland, but they were going at it for awhile, there were hands going places.

BILL: There was this one time where a guy was getting really... crunk. The dude was 6'6 , 250, a huge dude, just elbowing girls pretty bad. We played "Southern Hospitality" by Ludacris and the took it pretty seriously. He was throwin' 'bows. A part of you expects like, this is Minnesota. But people get down.

BILL AND JIMMY on: Their favorite Cryphy

JIMMY: The third one we ever had, it was my birthday party, it was so special for both of us because there was nothing in the Mainroom or Entry that night and we reached capacity. That was the tipping point for us when we were like, OK, maybe we've got a hit.

BILL: That was the first one when people came not because of the crossover. They came because of the party, and it wasn't all just our friends. We didn't recognize the crowd from Foundation as much.

BILL AND JIMMY on: The old Foundation Nightclub and Get Cryphy's origins

JIMMY: We threw a night called Party and Bullshit at Foundation. Get Cryphy as a result of some of the issues we had with our DJ experience there, and just us wanting a space to do whatever the fuck we want.

BILL: And do something right away. We didn't want to not have gigs.

JIMMY: We were so tied to that club - we DJed so many shows there, a lot of the hip-hop community ended up being put on to that club as a result of some of the stuff that we had done there. I remember toward the end seeing a ton of scene people up in there. That was a turning point for Minneapolis, I noticed. A lot of people who were only going to shows in a gig environment were starting to turn out for more of the dance party kiind of stuff.

BILL: When Foundation closed, it was mixed emotions for me. The political stuff started to weigh heavy, and we were trying to push one way and they'd be like, no, we want THAT.

JIMMY: And then, Dave Stai, who was the promo manager at Foundation , saw what we were trying to do. He hit up First AVenue on our behalf because he knew there was a free night in the VIP so they said OK and agreed to give us three months -- and I think that's why our 3rd gig was so special because it was like, cool, this is working.

BILL AND JIMMY on: The name

BILL: Jimmy kept saying, "The energy of crunk, but with the speed of hyphy." That's how he explained it. We actually really started doing it at Foundation - we'd put a half time crunk record -- like 5 beats per minute -- and drop in a freestyle or something that was double that, and you'd get people when the freestyle record came on they'd be dancing, but the second the crunk dropped, they'd just stand there. 

JIMMY: There were some people who got it right away, other people would be like, "Get Criffy? What do you mean?" I think there's still some people who think its called Criffy. People who know us through Rhymesayers connections might be really surprised that we aren't playing more orthodox hip-hop, but since we do have backgrounds and love party rockin,' that's how it is.  

BILL AND JIMMY on: When they met

JIMMY:  That's a funny story. We met at the 2001 DMCs, the Minneapolis regional. I wasn't even a Minnesota resident at the time. I was staying with my parents who had moved out here from upstate New York when I was finishing high school. I was doing an internship with West Group and living with them and was going to make some money and move back to the east coast in the fall. I knew the DMCs were going on and I was a mega scratch nerd at the time. I was a nerdy rap DJ, not yet competing in battles.

BILL: I was 17.

JIMMY: I was 21. Bill was this scrawny dude like "awhhh!" (makes crowing noise). He didn't have any hair on his face. It was a much different time for both of us. I don't think we realized that we met after seeing each other again in 2003 after I'd officially moved here. One day we put the pieces together and were like, "Dude, we were both at the DMC's in '01 - and we talked."

BILL: We talked about

JIMMY: We were both on the message board - it was big resource for scratch nerds like us. He posted under DJ B3. I was under JimmyDeuce. I remember the next day I went on and there was DJ B3, posting "MPLS DMC regional results!" Abilities won the regional, and his routine was really good, I remember we were both really geeked about it. When it happened, I remember Bill looking over at me and saying, "He's gonna place this year man, I know it! He's gonna place!"  It's funny to look back. We later met through DJ Anton, who knew Bill from around town. 

Anton said, "I'm going over to scratch records with this kid Bill, he's supposed to be pretty good, want to come over?" And I had just become friends with him and was practicing scratching with him. So we met at Anton's house and were scratching and it ended up that Anton had to go somewhere, so Bill asked, "Do you want to come scratch at my house?" And then we were both like, "Oh, you scratch good!" "Yeah, you scratch good too!" "We should scratch together because not a lot of people can scratch good!" (Laughs).

BILL: You're making this really akward for me.

BILL AND JIMMY on: Praises and gripes about the Minneapolis music scene

BILL: A forever gripe is that there's oversaturation in the rap world. Should you really be able to go to a hip-hop show every single night? People don't go out every night. That's going to happen everywhere, but if it happens in New York, it's whatever. It's a bigger city.

JIMMY: That's really the demise of the rap scene. One thing that's really good is that it's a really nurturing environment. People take pride in the music scene here, and that is awesome. But at the same time, that can contribute to some negative things, too. Because people are so nurturing, there's a lot of people that can get kind of gassed up on what they're doing. If you have all your friends being like, "Oh my God, you're so great!" all the time, when are you going to improve? Maybe you are great, but there comes a point where people tend to get too comfortable. Minneapolis is not this pocket universe. There's a whole other world out there, there's a lot of stuff to be looked at.

BILL: And that can lead to people hanging on too much to one thing.

JIMMY: Another gripe is that in our experience, it kind of sucks that there's no real identifyable way to characterize the club music here. Obviously our hip-hop scene has its own sound and style within hip-hop. But for club music, there's nothing tied to here that strongly. The downtown clubs are so concerned with giving you a Miami experience, or a Vegas experience. Club New York? Come on. It's embarrassing. There's a lot of great music here and awesome DJs here. So many people who make music that is representative of this city in this era, but they don't get a platform. It gets lost. Obviously there's a scene for what wer'e doing, we've been able to foster this scene with Too Much Love, Moongoons and our Burlesque friends, but at the same time it's like, where are these shows supposed to happen when all the downtown clubs are obseessed with other places? They try to give them this club experience to keep them coming back but music is way, way down on their list. It bothers me that there are people pushing play who don't even care about the music.

BILL AND JIMMY on: Cryphy's future

JIMMY: The last part of this year we started having more likeminded guests. We'd like to make Cryphy a platform for that. I know you're going to see a lot more original production from us in the near future. We're going to try and do more traveling. The guests that come into town and see what we do are always like, "This is great. This is one of the funnest parties I've played in ages."  Low Bee and Sega and DJ EMYND all said they'd come back anytime.

BILL: And that praise seems genuine. The goal is to keep branding the party and start making our own contributions and hopefully stat traveling with it in some kind of way.

JIMMY: I've also got to add that Last Word and DJ Fundo are part of our extended family. We've all been djing together for a long time, we hang out a lot and all have the same tastes. Mike2600 from Burlesque plays sometimes and he's had been a huge part of the party - as far as the artwork and helping us get booked elsewhere.


Major Lazer - 'Pon De Floor (Jimmy2Times mix)' 

Get Cryphy 'Year 0' Mix:

The Game - Chillin
Jay-Z - I just wanna luv you
Too $hort - Blow the Whistle
Bubba Sparx vs. Janet Jackson - Ms. New Booty/Nasty(Jimmy2times Blend)
Missy Elliot - I'm Really Hot
Ciara - 1, 2 Step
Twista & Pharrell - Give it up
Rye Rye vs. Pitbull vs.Missy - Shake it to the ground(Jimmy & Bill Blend)
Pitbull - Move Shake Drop
Curtis Vodka - Miami
Three 6 Mafia vs. U-tern - Sippin on some sizzurp(Jimmy & Bill Blend)
Busta Rhymes - Touch it(Hollertronix Remix)
Bangers & Cash - Shake that
Kid Sister - Control
Salt & Pepa - Push it
Trick Daddy vs. Madonna - Drop Low low low(Jimmy2times Blend)
Ludacris - B R right(Plain Ole Bill Edit)
Juelz Santana - Oh Yes
Paul Wall - Break em Off
UGK f/Outkast - International Players Anthem

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