Get Cryphy's Jimmy 2 Times and Plain Ole' Bill get iPod 'jacked

Hijacking a DJ's iPod is kind of like putting shampoo in Robert Pattinson's shower -- an instant vulnerability occurs and near-tangible tension fills the air. Afterall, this represents their livelihood. The synapses that go off in a good DJ's brain when music is played is just a bit more special than our own, making them sultan selectaz in front of any dancefloor. You don't mess around with that kind of power. Well, unless you're City Pages. 

The duo behind the wildest hip-hop dance party in Minneapolis -- Get Cryphy -- DJ Jimmy 2 Times (Best DJ 2009) and Plain Ole Bill were up for the challenge of revealing just which tracks show up on their Top 10 Most Played on their iPods or iTunes. This could be a career-warping moment, we told them.   But they were brave and handed that shiz over with grace. 
JIMMY 2 TIMES's Top 10 Most Played:

1.Big Boi f/Gucci Mane - Shine Blockas 
3.USDA f/Young Jeezy - Bag Music 
4.Statik Selectah f/Freeway, Peedi Crakk & Young Chris - All n together now 
5.Gwen Mccrae - Funky Sensation(Masters At work remix) 
6.Jay-Z - In my lifetime(remix) 
7.Lee Fields and the Expressions - Last Ride 
8.Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane - Get it in(Emynd's No Omarion edit) 
9.The-Dream - Mr. Yeah 
10. Duck Sauce - aNYway

Jimmy 2 Times (right) and Plain Ole Bill (as Silent Bob and Jay)

Jimmy 2 Times (right) and Plain Ole Bill (as Silent Bob and Jay)

PLAIN OLE BILL's Top 10 Most Played:

1. Big Boi featuring Too $hort & George Clinton - For Your Sorrows 
2. Jay-Z featuring Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One 
3. Oran "Juice" Jones - The Rain 
4. Three Six Mafia - Late Night Tip 
5. Junior - Too Late 
6. Mazarati - 100 MPH 
7. Organized Konfusion - Releasing Hypnotical Gases 
10. Mos Def - Twilite Speedball

What can we glean from this?  These two are musical soulmates. They both have an undying commitment to rap, but their love for music in general leads them into other corners (Kate Bush, Kool & The Gang, Duck Sauce). It's that ability to keep focus and play to room of genre-obsessives without pandering or limiting oneself that makes for a great party DJ. 

Since no careers were ruined, Cryphy is still on for tonight with super-influential headlining DJ Low-Bee. In the immortal words of Jay of Silent Bob fame, DO IT DOUG!!!!