Get Cryphy celebrates 4 years of hard bangers and packed dance floors

Sometimes being fashionably late can totally backfire. It was a typical Friday night in downtown Minneapolis. The line to First Avenue's Record Room was already flirting with 7th Street in length, and the party was already rocking inside. The music was pumping so hard the stars were about to jump off the wall. It was just before midnight, and Get Cryphy was already long sold-out and in full boss mode. Bummer. Looks like I have to wait til next month. 

The dance movement that has taken over the cities youth can be traced to First Avenue and it's two major dance nights, Too Much Love and Get Cryphy. Many imitators and copycat nights have sprung up over the years trying to capture the same energy and magic but only seem to flicker while Get Cryphy continues to flame on.

But not many dance nights last four years with room to grow.

The Cryphy clan just came off the road opening for Atmosphere and Common at the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, the first winter show ever hosted in the beautiful venue. With the challenge of playing outside their city, comfort level and warming up a cold crowd who would rather jam out to Mos Def than Rick Ross, they got 10,000 hipsters getting bonkers in the open January air. Major success. 

The four-man team of Plain Ole Bill, Jimmy2Times, Fundo and Last Word -- all successful on their own -- have formed a DJ Fantastic Four or X-Men of party rockers. And it's this special crew and their closeness that makes Cryphy work. 

"I don't think people actually know how good of friends we all are," says Last Word. "We're like brothers a lot of time. We party together, work together, watch sports together, argue, and fight together. This isn't something like where we see each other at the shows, and play some songs together. It's an actual family at the end of the day. The thing is Cryphy ends up being more then us when it comes to family."

Photo by Kevin O'Meara. Last Word works while the others play video games.
Photo by Kevin O'Meara. Last Word works while the others play video games.

 "We know times are tough," says Plain Ole Bill. "We want people to show up with a $20, get in and be able to get some drinks and get down." 

Cryphy has also become a place for rappers to get a little extra shine. Prof, MaLLy, Brother Ali and Mike Mictlan, to name a few, have all hosted the mic at the insane dance party. Boosting credibility with the hip-hop community and music geeks alike. You often see the cities music elite playing the wall and taking everything in most nights. That is until a cute nineteen-year-old girl starts shaking her ass around, by the third song they are out in the middle of the crowded floor grinding to Gucci Mane. 

We have a possible kill screen coming up...
We have a possible kill screen coming up...

Nothing like this has happened in Minneapolis before. Now, a dance night in a major venue can hold the test of time and celebrate anniversaries year after year. And with their popular mixes -- which they spent days pouring over samples, layers and production -- and by keeping the same work ethic and attitude there is no reason why we won't be celebrating Cryphy in another four years. 

 "It's about that kid who gets paid at the end of the week and gets to spend that money on something really fucking awesome. They get to walk in that door, have fun and let themselves go. No worries and ignore all the bullshit for a few hours," says Fundo.

 Just don't be fashionably late.

  Get Cryphy 4 year anniversary party will be taking place this Friday, February 24th at First Avenue's Main Room. The night will be filled with special guest performances including Brother Ali, Prof, Astronautalis, MaLLy, St. Paul Slim, Truth B. Told, Tony Bones, Lizzo, and Manny Petty, among others. Doors are at 9PM. Tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door. You can warm up before hand with the 4th Anniversary Cryphy Mix here. Get outta yo mind. 

Get Cryphy is made up of Plain Ole Bill (DJ for P.O.S and Brother Ali), Jimmy2Times (Resident Rhymesayers Radio DJ), Last Word (DJ for MaLLy and M.anifest), and Fundo (DJ for Prof).

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