Get Cryphy 3-Year Anniversary: Get the megamix (DOWNLOAD)

Back in Minneapolis today from New York City, DJ Jimmy2Times is gearing up for Friday's big 3-year anniversary of Get Cryphy, the rambunctious rap monthly he started with Plain Ole Bill in 2008 (you know it by now). It began in the VIP Room of First Avenue and now needs the Mainroom to house all its fans.  Despite his undisputed crowd-rocking abilities, Jimmy's still pretty modest about the gig's success, telling us he was floored this month when #GetCryphy became a trending topic on Twitter. 

We caught him driving around his old stomping grounds with fellow Get Cryphy DJ and good buddy Last Word, just a day or so after his crew released a mix to commemorate the occasion (download it below).  And it's not your typical 20-track rundown of all the hottest club rap.

"It's like a megamix," Jimmy says. "There's so much going on in every part that there's a lot of layering of tracks and a lot of editing... Our DJing styles are kind of like that anyway. We went with the hottest part of every track."

It's that waste-no-time approach that devotees of the night have come to love, and they'll certainly get a hefty serving of that on Friday when Jimmy returns to the decks.

"Coming back for this is really a trip because it's been just as much of a success if not more so than when I left," he says. "It's really awesome and rewarding because we all came together and started this thing not really knowing where it's going to go, and I'm really proud of me and Bill and Fundo and Drew and it's impacted more people than we really ever anticipated."

Grabbing the phone from his homie, Drew (DJ Last Word in the driver's seat) adds that it's been almost three months of work that's gone into the planning for this Mainroom affair.

"We've all been getting really amped up this week," he says. "When Jimmy comes back and we all get together it's so much more fun. I'm extremely excited."

DOWNLOAD: Get Cryphy 3-Year Anniversary Megamix


Where You From? (Screwed) f. Barry

My Man Says
Cypher Prince & his CVS Glasses
Goochi Jook
Get Down 4 Cryphy
White Tee Going Thru Hell
Her Crack?
The Pitbull Part
Cory Plus Wayne = 6'7"
No Crazy Lady
Dead Start (Cryphy Mix)
Tacos & Nachos
Fundo's Threesome
Dougie 2
Swing Your Fancy Rag
Wait A Minute Motherlover
40 Got It
Another Threesome
Animal (Prof)
Cryphy Drunk 2 Step
More Clips
-Money Trilogy-
Mo Money (Knonam)
Thanks Emynd
The NAME (Dropper)
Milk & Fresca
We Bringin' X Back
Dude Got Burnt
More Cowbell
Crazy Rite Now
WE Invited Pun
Pun Brought Muffins
Muffin A Muffin
Ho 1
Ho 2
Where You From? (Barry's Back)
Thanks Again Emynd
C.F.F. - Hard In The F @Mike2600
F-ck That Hilfiger
Mommy's Corsica

Get Cryphy's 3-Year Anniversary goes down at First Avenue this Friday, Feb.11 at 9 p.m. 18+. $7.

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