GenreBeast kicks off an eclectic series at Nick and Eddie tonight


In an ambitious series of events that will continue through the rest of the summer, the mixed-bag event GenreBeast launches at the warehouse behind Nick and Eddie tonight with performers that span from metal to country to rap, giving anyone who claims that the Twin Cities music community is lacking in diversity a run for their money.

[jump] "The concept is simple. Instead of following the age-old concept of booking similar bands for a show, take the opposite route and book bands whose sounds and genres are as disparate as possible," proclaims GenreBeast's mission. "Nobody listens to just one genre of music anymore. Nobody just has rock or pop or hip hop on their iPods. Everyone listens to everything, and we want to take that to the extreme and explore the possibilities that arise."

Sample all four of the acts playing tonight below, and keep an eye on GenreBeast's Facebook page for future lineup announcements and audio samples.

Genre Beast Week 1

Monday, July 18 at Nick and Eddie Warehouse

21+ | $5 | 9 p.m.

9:15 Visit

10:15 Patch

L.C.D. by Patchband

11:15 MC Harv (a.k.a. Gimme Noise contributor Jack Spencer)

MC Harv - Invention by hotashesmusic

12:15 Mutagen

Mutagen - Nocturnal Beast by hotashesmusic