Gear stolen from van of Doomtree rapper Sims


Sims Provided

Well shit.

This terrible week found a way to get worse: Gear inside the van of Doomtree rapper Sims was apparently stolen Thursday night in Brooklyn. Here's Sims breaking the bad news: 

Sims is currently on a U.S. tour in support of his just-dropped new album More Than Ever. The tour is scheduled to hit Philadelphia on Friday night, but it's unclear if he'll be able to perform. It's also unclear if the vehicle in question is Doomtree's self-aware tour van MOUNTAIN, who we totally interviewed.

We sent a request out to Sims for more details. 

Sims is set to perform an album-release party on January 6 at First Avenue in Minneapolis. 

Update: He's still playing Philly, dammit: 

Update #2: Sims laucnhed a GoFundMe to help recoup the roughly $19,000 in stolen gear. The campaign includes an account of what went down, an itemized list of what was taken, plus some hopeful langage about moving ahead. It has already reached $15,000 of its goal.