Gayngs release Godley and Creme tribute, 'Cry'

We already know Gayngs is over-the-top. Their promo videos are salacious, bordering on parody. Their music is so wrong it's right. And now, in their first official music video, they paid tribute to Godley and Cream's version of "Cry" so righteously that they even got Kevin Godley himself to make an appearance. The Gayngs version is above, and the Godley and Creme version is below.

How many locals can you ID in the Gayngs version? We spy most of the Gayngs contributors (Solid Gold, Megafaun, P.O.S, Dessa, Justin Vernon, Maggie Morrison, Mike Lewis, etc.) in addition to familiar faces like Scott Seekins. Someone should definitely make a master list.

And just for fun, here's the original version of "Cry" being used in a very dramatic scene of the '80s drama Miami Vice.

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