Gayngs pre-order starts today

POS, Mr. T

POS, Mr. T

Bake smoke toke that sinsemilla brothers and sisters! Gayngs' ultra-chill sexyfest is available for pre-order today (here), which will net you a nifty download code for the album, in turn allowing you to relax to the max on this most lightheaded of days.

Tickets for "The Last Prom on Earth," Gayngs' Mainroom blowout May 14th, have also gone up for sale today. Snatch them here:

Early show (18+, 5pm)

Late show (21+, 10pm)

The Current is providing a stream of the record, which you can listen to here:

Also, there's a rumor floating about that the group is releasing a proper (not fifteen-second) music video today as well, below is the preview:

The video is supposedly an homage to this video, by '80s Brit synth poppers Kevin Godley and Lol Creme (no lie). Oh, Gayngs.

Godley & Crème - "Cry"