Gayngs marks Last Prom anniversary with first new track in a decade

Prom-inent Gayng member Justin Vernon in 2010.

Prom-inent Gayng member Justin Vernon in 2010. Leslie Plesser

It’s not the surprise Gayngs initially had in mind, but it was still unexpected: The upper Midwest supergroup released its first track in a decade last night.

“Tonight the band GAYNGS was scheduled to play at First Avenue as a part of their 50th anniversary shows and an homage to the last time Prince hopped out the back of a minivan, with a guitar strapped on, 2 his club,” the long-hibernating group’s Twitter account announced last night. “But PLANS HAVE CHANNGED… .”

The new plan: In lieu of an unannounced First Ave show, meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Gayng’s storied Last Prom concerts as well as the club’s semicentennial, a new recording emerged on Bandcamp. “Appeayl 2 U” features Gayng member in good standing Justin Vernon at his falsetto-est and yearning-est, and if you buy the track proceeds go to Voices for Racial Justice.

Ryan Olson of Poliça and Marijuana Deathsquads remains Gayngs’ mastermind, and old crew members like Micheal Lewis (saxophone) and Jake Luck (keys) are still on hand to lend a soft-rock shimmer. But Bandcamp also lists a cadre of premier vocalists we can only presume will appear on a future full-length: Naeem Juwan, Dua Saleh, Velvet Negroni, G Star, Sophia Eris, Lady Midnight, booboo, Moise, J Plaza, Greg Grease, Izell, Stefon LeRon (aka P.O.S). Since these are the folks responsible for a good chunk of the best music released locally over the past year, that’s something to anticipate.

Gayngs’ star, you may recall, burned brightly but briefly at the turn of the twenty-teens. After their formally attired coming out party in the Mainroom and the release of their only album, Relayted, a short tour was derailed by a bus-swiping in Texas.

But that’s all in the past now. Where’s the new song? Here’s the new song!