Gayngs family tree: From Marijuana Deathsquads to Kanye West and back again

A few months back, we thought it'd be fun to chart out just how many bands could be traced back to the current and founding members of the Jayhawks, and our nerd chart resulted in quite the fiery debate between superfans who were eager to point out all the shit we got wrong.

Well, anxious superfans, we have a new one for you, and it's a doozy.

In anticipation of the Gimme Noise-sponsored Gayngs "Affiliyated" blowout in all three rooms of First Avenue this Sunday, we put together a map that links all of the Gayngs members to their most well-known offshoots and side projects.

Naturally, this chart isn't comprehensive. We had to stop somewhere, like when we got to JT Bates, because the resulting spiral of infinite collaborations would have created a black hole in the upper left corner of the map. Or when we got to Joe Mabbott, who has produced, mixed or helped record a sizable majority of the rap records created in the Twin Cities in the past 10 years. But the idea of the chart, in all its cross-secting, circular beauty, is to show you just how interconnected this group of talented musicians really is with one another and the indie music community at large. Enjoy.

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