Gayngs' Coachella experience in 11 weird photos

Online British music magazine the Quietus loves Gayngs almost as much as we do, as a quick search will attest. So it comes as no surprise that they would ask the band to visually document their Coachella experience.

Also not surprising: the serious jank and wooze depicted therein.

Over 11 photographs, the troupe display just exactly how hard it is to focus on taking pictures for a website based halfway across the world while trying to prepare for one of the biggest shows of your career. I'm not insinuating there was chaotic excess at play, but I'm not not insinuating there wasn't,  either. Is that libel? Doubtful, considering this golden Har Mar quote: "Hey Coachella, I am Har Mar. We are Gayngs. You are on drugs. Let's do this."

Some highlights include: a bare- and barrel-chested Jake Luck, a sad-faced Justin Vernon backstage, and a photo of Har Mar that "looks like he is in a tub of cheese" (Andrea Swensson calls 'em as she sees 'em).


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