Gay Witch Abortion's drum set stolen

Gay Witch Abortion's drum set stolen
Photo By Daniel Corrigan

There should be a special place reserved in hell for those thieves who steal gear from musicians. Most musicians struggle to get by, and whatever extra income they do make typically gets reinvested back into improving/repairing their instruments, so whenever that priceless gear gets stolen from them it hits extra hard.

The latest local musician to get hit by a lowlife instrument thief is Gay Witch Abortion drummer Shawn Walker, who had most of his drum kit stolen from his car in the Uptown area near 26th and Aldrich Avenue South.

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So, everyone in the Twin Cities (and especially those of you with any ties to secondhand music stores) please be on the lookout for these specific items which were stolen from Shawn:

1 Silver Slingerland tom tom
1 Rogers Dynosonic snare drum
1 DW 8000 bass drum pedal
1 black cymbal bag containing 13" Zildjian high-hats and one 21" Zildjian ride cymbal
I green suitcase containing a blue control board for a vintage white padded syn drum (electronic drum)

Shawn's drums courtesy of Gay Witch Abortion's Facebook page
Shawn's drums courtesy of Gay Witch Abortion's Facebook page

Shawn says all of these items are "beat to hell," and considering how hard Walker plays the drums, that should come as no surprise to anyone.

Let's all please keep our eyes open for anyone trying to sell any parts of Walker's kit, and see if we can't get these items back to him so GWA can keep on rocking our collective faces off. 

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