Gay Witch Abortion, Romantica, Solid Gold added to SXSW roster

The first snowfall hit last night, which can mean only one thing to a music nerd like me: Time to start fantasizing about sweating my ass off booking it from show to show down in Austin, Texas in March. And we're not the only ones thinking ahead. The deadline for bands to register for the festival has already passed, and over 200 artists have already been accepted to play official South by Southwest showcases, including five of our own Minnesota artists: Peter Wolf Crier, Romantica, Solid Gold, Jeremy Messersmith, and Gay Witch Abortion.

In addition to the official showcases, the city will be flooded with unofficial lineups and parties, so the list of local bands heading down to Texas this year will undoubtedly be much longer than these initial five.

Here's the promo video for this year's festival:

Did anyone else think that was going to be an Owl City song at first? Weird. Thanks to British Rock is Always Top for the tip-off.

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