Gay Witch Abortion releasing new LP tonight at Grumpy's, join Shellac's ATP lineup

Gay Witch Abortion releasing new LP tonight at Grumpy's, join Shellac's ATP lineup
Photo By Daniel Corrigan

Those of you who are wondering when the incendiary rock duo Gay Witch Abortion will return with another full-length to destroy our speakers and rattle our walls, the time has finally arrived. The group is celebrating the release of their blistering new record, Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior, with a free show tonight at Grumpy's Bar downtown.

The good folks at Learning Curve Records are putting out Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior, which is GWA's first album since Maverick way back in 2007. You can give a listen to GWA's explosive new instrumental song "Betty Brown" below, then cancel whatever you thought you were doing this evening and instead make plans to join Gay Witch Abortion at Grumpy's tonight for what should be a wild Record Release Show.

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The new record was recorded at the newly renovated Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, and finds guitarist/vocalist Jesse Bottomley and drummer Shawn Walker creating the type of untamed, raucous din that captured them a dedicated following in the first place, just with a more modern, innovative sonic twist. GWA pack 14 riotous songs within the album's breathless 38 minutes, and these new songs should certainly satiate the hard rock fans who have been waiting patiently for something new from the duo.

The group will have special edition orange vinyl copies of their new record for sale at the show tonight, and will play a few short sets throughout the evening. They will be joined by Math.I., DJ Abbi Allen from KFAI's Dart Gun Radio, and DJ Pepper Patriot, with films and videos provided throughout the night by Jason Wade.

It promises to be an interesting evening to say the least, with fans getting a chance to hear these wild, dissonant new Gay Witch Abortion songs within the rowdy confines of Grumpy's, the perfect bar to host their sludgy, sinister sounds. The 21+ show starts at 10 p.m., and once again, it's totally free.

Gay Witch Abortion have also recently announced that they will be joining local bands STNNNG and Arcwelder at Shellac's curated All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in the UK at the end of this month. This is shaping up to be a great 2012-2013 for Gay Witch Abortion, and it's good to have them back.

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