Gay Witch Abortion play tonight on a floating raft in Nordeast


The sound and the fury-- Gay Witch Abortion, photographed by silentmelisma.

Gay Witch Abortion is just one of those bands. You know-- the kind of band inexplicably more comfortable in performance spaces that would make the more level headed among us raise an eyebrow. the kind of band that sees potential where others see obstacle. The kind of band that makes their colleagues say "why didn't I think of that?"

Performing from the back of a van, cruising from venue to venue for a couple songs here and there? Check. The corner of 7th and 1st, playing outside for folks waiting on line to get in to the Doomtree Blowout? Check.

Knife World, photographed by waltzcore.

And now, to honor Nordeast's annual Art-a-Whirl festivities, they'll be performing on a free floating raft adrift on the Mississippi. Fellow art-metal outfit Knife World will play Huckleberry Finn to their Tom Sawyer, cramming their gear onto the raft to play in support.

Presently, the vessel is docked behind the Sample Room, located on Marshall avenue just a stone's throw from the Double Deuce, so there will a slight amount of exploration and bushwhacking required for interested parties.


There are no shortage of questions about exactly what attendees are in for-- does this raft have an anchor, or will it truly be adrift on the current? If adrift, what are their plans to survive the trip over the lock and dam? And how do they plan to make themselves heard after the first fifteen seconds, when the swift spring current of the Old Man send them downriver at a brisk pace? How are they powering their amps?

But rest assured-- Gay Witch Abortion is one of those uncanny bands that never falls, no matter how precariously balanced they may seem. And they're also a band eternally willing to turn a harebrained experiment into a resounding triumph.

Hey, it's Art-a-Whirl. You're going to be in the area anyway, and by 7 P.M. you should be just loaded enough that a trip through the underbrush to watch from the shore sounds like a good idea. And, in any case, you don't want to be the only one who can't take part in the morning marvel, as everyone remarks on this show over red-eye and bloody maries.

All ages. Free. 7:00 P.M. Behind the Sample Room, 2124 Marshall Street, Minneapolis; 612.789.0333.