Gay Witch Abortion CD Release tonight at the 22nd Avenue Station

Gay Witch Abortion CD Release tonight at the 22nd Avenue Station

Gay Witch Abortion, the Twin Cities' prized metal duo, are no strangers to unconventional show spaces. Early in their lifespan, the dynamos of doom metal made a series of highly mobile, nomadic  appearances at the 7/7/7 festival, performing from the cargo hold of an Econoline at multiple venues. Later that year, they entertained Doomtree's devoted as they waited on line for entrance to the annual Blowout extravaganza.

So the announcement that their release party for


their forthcoming louder-than-life full length, would be held at the metro area's most beloved strip club should have been but a mild, and pleasant, surprise to the band's fans.

Check your delicacies and fragile sensibilities at the door-- the 22nd Avenue Station has more pseudonyms and seedy mythology than Stephen King in his drinking days, and while Gay Witch Abortion and supporters Seawhores cram the space with fans and searing amp feedback, the venue will still be a fully functional titty bar. Which means that Gay Witch Abortion should expect plenty of devoted ears and diverted eyes while they perform.

Sure, it might roll an eye or two. Maybe bundle a few austere granny knickers. But those delicate types wouldn't have much fun with Gay Witch Abortion in the first place-- they're a band that celebrates all things strident and absurd, and this choice makes only too much sense. At the Double Deuce, two things are always made abundantly clear-- sex sells, and sex is funny. It's the perfect backdrop for a line-up that has made a niche out of grinding their teeth while winking at their crowd.

The logistics haven't been made clear-- will the two piece take the runway? Will they compete with the pole from a sidebar spot? Will they be planted at sniffer's row? With a band this mobile and immediate, there's no use speculating. And though we'd hate to spoil the surprise, the new disc is a masterwork. See the January 7th issue of City Pages for the full review.

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