Gay magnet Griffin delivers raucous Orpheum performance

"I'm so far to the left I'm not a Democrat anymore, I'm a fucking Sandonista," comedienne Kathy Griffin quipped to the roaring applause of a predominantly gay audience on Friday at the Orpheum. You would have thought there was a Cher auction going on. There's one thing you should know about Kathy Griffin -- she loves her gays almost as much as she loves her Emmy. Griffin, who won an Emmy for her hilarious Life On The D List show on Bravo and desperately wants you to know about it, delivers a fast show dripping with juicy celeb gossip that attracts the queer boys in droves. So it makes sense she'd do five -- count em, five -- dates in Minneapolis. In fact, when I scored tickets early Friday and invited one of my gay night-owl friends to accompany me to that evening's show, the text I promptly received back at 8 AM was one of unabashed sheer joy. Joy on top of joy on top of joy.

Gay magnet Griffin delivers raucous Orpheum performance

"You guys were in the thick of all that bullshit!" Griffin said, starting her political bit by talking about the RNC and wily ways of the Republican party. "I believe in God now - and He brought me a gift called Sarah Palin. Did you see the debate where she just decided she didn't feel like answering any questions? That would be like me coming up here and saying I'm not going to tell any p_ssy jokes. It would be wrong. Just wrong."

More whooping and hollering and "I LOVE YOU KATHY!?!!"s. By the end of her 90-minute set -- which mostly covered backstage award-show gossip to jokes about Kathy's 80+-year-old mom's silly antics -- my stylish man-friend had tears streaming down his face. But me? Just a humored smile. It was all certainly entertaining, but after the first hour, all I could think about was getting out of that chair.

For all that's going on in the world today, Griffin -- who is hands down a fantastic performer -- has more than enough material than to just deliver the dish about what Tony Soprano said to her backstage at the Emmys (he wanted her to sign stuff for his wife's gay makeup and hair people). In the end, it's all part of our escapist nature that we ... well, can't escape. But if we can laugh at ourselves and our predicaments once in a while, it's a great relief.

Show grade: B

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