Gay Beast tonight at the Turf Club


So loud the camera shakes-- Gay Beast.

Fresh off a national tour that came complete with mentions in the New Yorker, and riding high on a stellar sophomore release, Gay Beast is turning tonight's Monday at the Turf Club into a fine, loud mess.

Even better? They've brought their friends Pterodactyl from Brooklyn. Find us a better way to abuse an unsuspecting Monday, and we'll eat our hats with Grey Poupon.

Petrodactyls indeed-- the Brooklyn  rock outfit shares the stage with Gay Beast tonight.

If you're unfamiliar with Gay Beast, you're not paying attention. At a quick listen, they offend the ear, just like any band worth listening to. It's staggeringly complicated and delves far enough into arrhythmia and atonality that there's hardly a tooth in your head that the sound won't set on edge.

But listeners would do well to attack this music like a fireman attacking a fire-- deep in this latticework of criss-crossing sounds, textures and spasmodic starts and stops as a heart that never misfires. There is hardly a more dedicated, rehearsed band-- you'd have to be with material this complex.

Pterodactyl's sound isn't quite so ambitious-- familiar melodies and rhythms dominate their sound. But their solid and have a performative rawness that brings the formula off wonderfully.

In any case, Gay Beast is quickly becoming one of those bands who's local appearances might soon get vastly outnumbered by touring regimens. And you definitely don't want to pass up the bragging rights to say "I saw them when they were just playing clubs."

21+. 9:00 P.M. $6.00. With Mayor Daley (Chicago). Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.