Gay Beast release new 7"

Gay Beast release new 7"
Courtesy Skin Graft Records

Cue up side A of Gay Beast's new self-titled 7", "Multi-Purpose Anti-Form," on the record player, and prepare to be greeted by 10 minutes of bestial noise rock and artistic vision, a cacophony that is both challenging and, inexplicably, almost dancy. Think somewhere between Battles, Shellac, and Le Tigre, with more emphasis on the first two.

The label of noise rock is limiting, as it alienates most fans of melody. Gay Beast may not utilize vocal choruses, but the guitar plays well off of the blips, whistles, and keys, building into serious jams that sound like rock music without giving in to the usual structural requirements. The fact that the band refers to "Multi-Purpose Anti-Form" as their "most pop" song says wonders about their approach, as it is layered in distortion and time changes, even if the vocals are sung in a straightforward manner--a rarity for keyboardist Dan Luedtke, whose vocals are heavily distorted.

The B-side is a cover medley blended with Gay Beast's rhythmic experimentation. After jumping time sequences seamlessly throughout "Pressing Hard" and "Sm Head, Lg Torso, Crushing Grip," the crowning blow is delivered when Luedtke barks over a repetitive acid-surf guitar that ends too quickly as the record fades out to a ringing that just may be my ears.

Gay Beast is available for purchase from Gilgongo Records or your local record store.

Gay Beast release new 7"

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