Gay Beast announces album release show


Don't worry-- the camera is on acid. Gay Beast, photographed by eee.xeroid.

Good news, brainiacs-- not only has Gay Beast finished up their forthcoming album "Second Wave," but the noisy, surgically precise three-piece has finalized the details for their release show for May 23 at the 7th Street Entry.

Gay Beast at the Turf Club, filmed by muchosGatos.

It's hard to know what to be most excited about-- new material from one of the most creatively successful experiments in the local music community, or the fact that the supporting line-up includes a host of visionary bands that perform all too infrequently?

Take Mute Era, for example-- after a pair of outstanding, handcrafted releases in 2008, live performances from the atmospheric, intensely dancy two piece have become increasingly rare and Synchrocyclotron, the spasmodic bizarro experimental outfit featuring members of Knife World and Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, hardly ever graces a stage, save the occasional eager appearance at unnamed and underground oubliettes citywide.

Whatever you come to see, it's a great night, and a great chance to catch great bands at their best. Your brain might break a sweat, and your ears may cringe upon first taste. But don't let those pushy little wimps tell you what to do. This is beautiful noise.

Saturday, May 23. 18+. 9:00 P.M. With Mute Era, Synchrocyclotron and Moonstone. 7th Street Entry, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.