Gay Beast announce 'indefinite hiatus'

Gay Beast announce 'indefinite hiatus'

After six years, three full-lengths, and two European tours, Gay Beast has announced an "indefinite hiatus" following the departure of keyboardist/saxophone/vocalist Dan Luedtke. Earlier this spring, Gay Beast recently released To Smithereens on Skin Graft Records.

Regarding the separation, guitarist Isaac Rotto offered the following statement:

Dan left to focus primarily on his art; he is now moving to attend the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

His departure came at a time in the band's life where there wasn't as much appetite to resolve certain musical differences among the three of us. Angela and I continue to share an interest in making the kind of music we wrote in Gay Beast, but we felt a change in name was warranted. Therefore, we are currently carrying on as a duo called Hasps: myself on guitar, Angela on drums and electronics...

There are no plans for a farewell show or shows with Gay Beast, only a first show for Hasps! People who snoozed on seeing Gay Beast for the last six years before we went on this hiatus are now going to have to wait that much longer.

To Smithereens is still available for purchase via Rotto, at Hasps shows, or from your local record store.

Hasps will play their first show on Friday, July 1st
with Skoal Kodiak and White Suns (NY)
21+, $5, show starts at 10 PM, over by 1 AM
Fraternal Order of Eagles
2507 E 25th St
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1224
(612) 724-9714

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