Gaines & Mod Sun, Ceewhy, and Anchormen drop new videos

A trio of local hip-hop artists put up some promotional feelers the last few days in the form of new music videos.

Here's the latest from Gaines (featuring Mod Sun), Ceewhy, and Anchormen.

Gaines brings along Mod Sun for "Party", a rowdy video dedicated to overindulgent good times. The "party at a rich guy's house" provides a bevy of booze and weed for the fast-rap duo to imbibe while spitting over a banger. Quick movement, flashing lights and general insanity reflect the feel of a good rager, but the culmination of Gaines clutching the toilet in a black and white shot gives a glimpse of how the next day might feel.

Ceewhy gets futuristic in his latest video for "Get Like Me", complete with giant laser gun and a Terminator demeanor. There's maybe a love story, a conspiracy story and a revenge story going on here, but all I know is there are giant guns that shoot holographic lasers and that's alright by me. The special effects add a real nice touch to this video.

The Anchormen take blunts to the face on the street, in the club, and, well, presumably everywhere they go, according to this video devoted to smoking marijuana. Some nice cameos throughout, and it captures the feel of a blazed stroll through the streets of South MInneapolis. I'm feeling a buzz just watching this.

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