Gabriel Douglas on Infinite Campus benefit, upcoming album

Gabriel Douglas on Infinite Campus benefit, upcoming album
Photo by Erik Hess

If you're in the mood for a stellar local lineup, and you'd like to know your cover charge is going to a good cause, Blaine-based Infinite Campus Foundation is putting on a benefit concert called Revel Ed. This'll raise funds for their education-related charity programs, which coordinate drives for school supplies and clothing, as well as providing scholarship funds and advancing literacy initiatives. 

Infinite Campus will welcome Jeremy Messersmith, Rogue Valley, the 4onthefloor, and the 22-20s to their, ah, campus in Blaine, along with David Campbell of 89.3 The Current, who'll be hosting the event this Friday (tonight!).  Gimme Noise caught up with Gabriel Douglas of 4onthefloor to get some details on the event and see what else the band has been up to of late.

Gimme Noise: Tell me about this event. What is Revel Ed?

Gabe Douglas: It's a benefit concert. They're raising funds for education programs that they put on. When we found out about the rest of the bill, we were kind of surprised, like, "Whoa, Messersmith and Koza are on this too? Awesome."

What really made you decide to join in with Inifinite Campus Foundation?

This one fit in to our schedule, that's usually the biggest problem with taking on benefits is that we're just out of town so much. But [the Infinite Campus crew] have always been really great and amazing people to work with. They put you in the driver's seat a little more.

Cool. So, ticket prices are a little high, and I totally get it, but can you justify it for me in your own words, for people who are unfamiliar with this program?

The money is going to a good cause. With a lot of benefit concerts, it looks good on paper, but they aren't making any real money. This one, it's actually on the campus, and I think it's also partly for people who are already interested in the cause. I think it's just as much of a "thank you concert" for the people that are supporting it.

What else do you have in the works? Upcoming projects? What's new with 4onthefloor?

We've actually been recording all this fall. We have a big block coming up in the middle October, and we'll have an LP coming this spring if all goes as planned. We also have a First Ave show on October 12, to get some practice out of the new songs.

Revel Ed takes place on Friday, September 28, at the Infinite Campus Foundation in Blaine, MN. Tickets are $50, but included in that is onsite parking, one food voucher, and four drink vouchers (good for both NA and alcoholic beverages).

Gates open at 4 p.m. You can get more info and purchase tickets online here

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