Future of the Left to hammer eardrums at the Turf Club

As a fan of rock music, you rarely get second chances. If you missed a life-changing concert because you were too hungover or doing your laundry, it's not happening again, and you'll have to sit through your friends' glowing reviews pretending that you didn't want to go anyway. If you stumbled upon a band that you loved, but one that has already broken up, you'll have to get used to watered-down solo acts if you want new songs. Fans of riotous UK rock outfit Mclusky thought that they'd have to settle for something less when the band split up in 2005, but were overjoyed to learn that key members of the original lineup had started a new project called Future of the Left. It was like Rock 'n Roll Lazarus, back from the dead, carrying a handle of whiskey and an amp buzzing with feedback. But, could FOTL match the sarcastic sneer of Mclusky's best material?


The answer is an easy "yes."  With lead singer and chief songwriter Andy Falkous fronting the new band, FOTL picks up almost exactly where Mclusky left off.  That isn't to say that it's a retread of former glories -- far from it.  Just as Mclusky was starting to experiment with its formula prior to the breakup, Future of the Left turns the lab burners all the way up, resulting in some gloriously noisy songs.  Each idea gets carried to its extreme, with no shying away from how brutal or unhinged the result might be.  If you're going to spend one of these weekends crushing speed limits, drinking heavily, or generally being a menace, it would be hard to find a better soundtrack.

Those who were witnesses to Mclusky's decimation of the 7th St. Entry know that these guys are loud live, and since the new material shows no signs of quieting down, you might want to bring an extra set of earplugs.  But even if they left with a persistant ringing in their ears, any attendee would tell you that the pummeling was worth it.  If you didn't see Future of the Left in their former incarnation, head down to the Turf Club and catch this concert, which is one stop on (what looks to be) a rather short American tour.  Don't let this be one of those shows that your friends have to tell you about tomorrow.

Future of the Left w/ The STNNNG - Turf Club - 8PM - $10/$12 - 21+