'Fuck Your Stuff' rapper P.O.S featured in Adidas ad



The line "scuffin' up your Nikes" from P.O.S single "Fuck Your Stuff" took on a whole new meaning last week.

"Stand Up (Let's Get Murdered)," a 2006 song from the Twin Cities rap hero, recently soundtracked an ad for Adidas featuring global soccer phenom Lionel Messi. Produced by Doomtree crewmember Lazerbeak, "Stand Up" has now been heard by almost 16 million fans of shoe advertising on YouTube. Check it out below: 

In and of itself, the ad spot is an innocuous career win for the real-life Stefon Alexander. But, considering the Doomtree rapper has spent a career raging against classism, consumerism, Big Pharma, et. al., the cosign with a multinational corporation raised some eyebrows.

P.O.S took to Reddit to address fans who might be irked by his Adidas deal. 

"I never liked hearing music I cared about in commercials. It felt like the artist I supported was selling out. The vibe was as a punk or an underground artist you duke it out and you sleep on floors and you do the work," P.O.S writes in the Reddit post, adding: "Now when I hear an artist I like in an ad, unless I hate the company or product or whatever I feel glad for them, that's rent, that's bills. That's more time in life as an artist without stressing about trying to find a new way to make people wanna throw 99¢ at my studio time. Anarchist values taken in full consideration we live in money world and eating is needed almost every day."

You can read the whole message here.

Worth pointing out: P.O.S is a fiercely principled musician who considers himself from "this land corporations rape" and drops anarcho references to Anonymous, molotov cocktails, and WikiLeaks. Plus, Adidas has a shitty track record when it comes to workers' rights.

Also worth pointing out: Nobody buys albums anymore (save vinyl), and royalty payments from music-streaming services like Spotify don't provide financial salvation. Plus, Stef has a family to feed. 

Barely related: P.O.S collaborator Justin Vernon of Bon Iver caused a blog stir in July when he expressed deep regret over taking money from Bushmills Irish Whiskey ... four years ago.