‘Fuck the Corona’ and 5 other songs to make social distancing bearable this week

Yofrangel did not follow CDC guidelines.

Yofrangel did not follow CDC guidelines. YouTube

Sorry escapists: A bunch of this week’s best new songs have some connection to the bug that’s on all our minds and has us (hopefully) confined within all our homes.

But while celebs are warbling “Imagine” to reassure us (don’t worry, I won’t link—we’ve all been through enough), the tracks I’ve selected accept the fact that we are all freaked the fuck out and that is a perfectly normal way to feel under the circumstances.

Stay home and stream. Be safe.

Gotty Boi Chris “Fuck the Corona”

An e-fuckin-sential track. In the fine tradition of 5th Ward Weebie’s "Fuck Katrina" comes a New Orleans bounce anthem that vents all the rage and confusion and frustration we’re feeling. After a hectic day of scouring panic-shopping-emptied shelves, Chris offers this fired-up PSA: “Wash your hands and your motherfuckin’ feet.”

Yofrangel “Corona Virus”

Not new, I know, but I’m just now catching up with this Dominican rapper’s frantic February dembow joint. Its BPMs jibe uncomfortably with my pulse rate and blood pressure, and the screechy vocals are basically what my internal monologue sounds like these days.

iMarkkeyz feat. Cardi B – “Coronavirus”

The most viral of this season's virus jams, a “remix” of a Cardi Insta video, is the most meme-y novelty number among the crew. If “Fuck the Corona” or “Corona Virus” have the potential to live on like “Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu,” this is merely “Pac-Man Fever.” But even so, I’m not, uh, immune.

Control Top “One Good Day”

A timely tune about feeling like a nervous wreck from a Philly punk trio who insist (correctly) that calamity is no excuse for cynicism. “Just tell me something positive,” Ali Carter blurts. “Even if it’s cliché.” Will you settle for some adorable pet photos?

Waxahatchee “Can’t Do Much”

Apropos title, considering, eh? Confession: I’m starting to like jangly Katie more than alt-rock Katie or bedroom-indie Katie.

Hayley Williams feat. Boygenius – “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris” 

Where my sad girls at?

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