Fuck Knights residency at the Nomad begins tonight


Photo by Jayme Halbritter.

As Fuck Knights are likely to tell you themselves, they're built from the ground up to move fast and light. Their stage set up stows easily in the cargo hold of even the most economical Econoline, and their songs are streamlined, down and dirty takes on 60s and 70s garage rock. throw in an encyclopedic knowledge of their source material, and you'll rarely hear the same set twice out of the local three piece.

Lucky that--for the next 4 weeks, Fuck Knights will be the Nomad Pub's Thursday house band.

The Minneseries has been a long running success for the Nomad. The set-up is simple--every Thursday for a month, one lucky local band headlines. The tradition has been gathering steam, and has proven to pay great dividends former residents like Mute Era and Koo Koo Kangaroo.

The Fuck Knights have been a most industrious band since their arrival on the scene almost two years ago. They've hit the road with their raucous rock show, released a full length AND a live record, and have scored support slots locally for big name touring bands like King Kahn & the BBQ Show.

It's not their first time as residents at a local bar either. Just down the street from the Nomad sits the infamous Palmer's Bar, a place more known for dishing out tumblers brimming with whiskey and chucking the ill-behaved out by the collar than for their live music. And yet for a month this summer, Fuck Knights held court there with a succession of winning pairings. It proved to be a success for everyone--this Nomad residency should be a slam dunk.

Bonus--tonight's kick-off features a floor show by burlesque troupe Midnight Muse Review, a screening of Fuck Knights' "Kristina!" video, and a performance by local rapper G-Biz.

21+. 9:00 P.M. Free. Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.6424.