Fuck Knights Just Gave Us A Taste of Puke

Fuck Knights | Hexagon Bar | Friday, February 13
Welcome back, Fuck Knights. The psychedelic rockers' new 7 inch EP, A Taste of Puke, has a wicked sense of humor and the trappings of a frolicking night out all condensed into one pop-culture nugget.

Before their album release at the Hexagon on Friday, Gimme Noise caught up with fellow knight, Sir Gregory, to chat about their success in Europe and why this EP is merely just a taste of puke.
Gimme Noise: When someone hears the name Fuck Knights, what's the biggest misconception they have of the band?

Sir Gregory: Not sure -- you'd have to ask them. As for us, it was never an issue. It's not like we were trying to offend, because to us the word "fuck" was not offensive. Fuck that, what the fuck, who fuckin' cares, everyone fucks. Besides, we're already 15 years into the 21st century, for fuck's sake -- it's probably about as offensive as "Sex Pistols" in the '90s.

Furthermore, freedom of speech is an established human rights law, so fuck off and let's fuckin' party.

You guys have toured Europe a lot. Tell me how you initially gained a following over there? Did you have a fanbase first or did you find it as you played there?

We've toured Europe four times now and we're headin back this fall for number five. Italy, Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands -- I think that's everywhere we've played. We've released several records on European labels: Munster Records in Madrid, Boss Hoss in Italy, and Dirty Water in London, to name a few, plus we've got an upcoming 7-inch on Goodbye Boozy Records in Italy that we're real stoked about.

So to answer the question, I'm not exactly sure. We apparently had enough interest in our band to be able to go on tour in Europe in the first place, but we were certainly helped by having records released and distributed there to gain some sort of notoriety to tour on.

Any favorite stories from overseas you want to share?

Pissed on the Colosseum, puked in Milan, got kicked out of Père Lachaise for smoking hash at Morrison's grave. Visited villa Nellcôte, Keith Richards' mansion in Villefranche-sur-Mer, near Nice, France, where they recorded Exile. Plus, we opened for Natural Child at La Mécanique Ondulatoire in Paris last tour, which was a lotta fun. 

What's the difference between a U.S. venue/audience and a European venue/audience?

We sell more merch in Europe, but that's probably just because we're more exotic there. For us, the main difference is that lodging and a meal is included with our guarantees in Europe, so in the long run, we make more money there. Or more accurately, we just spend less.

Where do you come up with the titles for your songs?

They're just an extension of the lyrics, which are usually derived from direct experiences I've had. Or if it's an instrumental, then it's a poetic free-form word association of what the song sounds like to me.

Can you tell me the story behind the song "77 Virgins"?

Just a word association thing like I mentioned in that last answer. Probably something to do with 72 virgins in the Islamic afterlife of a martyr, combined with 1977 being generally accepted as the year punk started. So maybe like if you fully sacrifice yourself to your artwork, that you'll be rewarded somehow later on. Or maybe it just sounded cool to me, and the word virgins tied in poetically with the word fuck. Mostly though it's all just meaningless, and besides, it's gotta be called something other than "Intrumental Song #3."

When did the writing take place for the six songs on the EP?

I don't really remember. We recorded them in a really expensive analog studio, so it was based on what we could afford to record when we happened to have enough money all saved up, which is why it took three years to record a full-length LP. My guess is anywhere around 2011-2013, somewhere in that range.

Why only an EP at this time? Who came up with the idea for the vinyl?

The EP is A Taste of Puke, because it features six songs from our full-length LP Puke All Over Themselves -- like it's just a portion of the full meal, just a taste. Puke All Over... has already been released in Europe, and we're shopping it around to U.S. labels for a domestic release.

The idea for this 7-inch came from Go Ape! Records in Brooklyn, who wanted to publish it as an in-betweener from the release of the Euro LP until when the U.S. full-length comes out.

What are you excited to share at Hexagon show?

High fives and hugs with every awesome rocker who shows up to celebrate rock and roll and freedom with us and Hollow Boys and COZY and Jason Edmonds from Magic Castles.

Fuck Knights will release A Taste of Puke at the Hexagon on Friday, February 13, 2015 with Hollow Boys, COZY, and Jason Edmonds.
21+, Free, 9 pm


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