Fuck Knights at Memory Lanes tonight

Fuck Knights at Memory Lanes tonight

Joe Holland and his handsome Fuck Knights, as photographed by Mighty Mojo.

There's nothing inauthentic about Fuck Knights. Drums, guitar and towering bass, these three make a fine, messy extract of everything gathering no moss in your record collection. Their extract is raw and unsweetened, and if you can't swallow it without wincing just a touch, you probably don't have the temperament to handle the band in full.

Fuck Knights at Memory Lanes tonight

Bitch N Brown, according to their Myspace page.

Not only is their sound covered in the oil and grime of a two-car garage, their road to a position of prominence in the local music community is paved with good old fashioned elbow grease. They record every show and every practice, they play out every chance they can with whoever strikes their fancy, and their shows are a boiling stew of new material and exhaustively curated cover material.

Appearing with them is Bitch N Brown, the filthy dirty punk country outfit that, through all of their songs and in every outlaw chord, winks at their audience from within a whiskey daze. They're indulgent and immediately pleasing to the ear, and this is the perfect bill to give your work week an atomic wedgie, a kick in the balls, and a stern warning not to show its face for the next few days.

21+. 10:00 P.M. Free. With Hans Condor and Reddmen (South Dakota). Memory Lanes, 2520 26th Av S, Minneapolis; 612.721.6211.

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