Fruit baths, lakeside reclining, and green room lap dances in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

The brightly colored fellows of Carroll.

The brightly colored fellows of Carroll. YouTube

You need new music, and we have new music.

Every week, City Pages music editor Keith Harris compiles a playlist of new music right here in this paper every week. Each Thursday, he pulls together six new songs from his far-ranging musical explorations and delivers them directly to you in an ever-expanding Spotify playlist.

Complement this week’s rundown of local music videos with Keith’s top tracks, and you’ll never have to listen to an unendorsed song again.

Carroll – “Fern”

It looks like Andy Warhol started making bath bombs just in time for Carroll’s comeback single. The psych-rock band has a nice, colorful soak in the new video for “Fern,” which is directed by fruit fanatic Karl Cooney. Though the band has relocated to Philadelphia, Minnesota should still be excited to see these Dr. Dog openers reappearing in Local Frames. Their new album Leap and the New Appears is out February 28 on Shattered Orb Records.

Tatum Mildred – “Swing Swing”

Bad news for fans of the All-American Rejects: This is not a cover. But good news for fans of Kate Tempest and Brandi Carlile, as Minneapolis singer-songwriter Tatum Mildred has just released a new video for her song “Swing Swing.” A beautiful and careful ode to the simplicity of growing up, “Swing Swing” is one of those songs that feels as familiar as a lullaby on the very first listen. Madison Lutz directs the video, which heads to the lakeshore to drum up the pastoral nostalgia.

Deejay St. Joel ft. Young Nuk and T-Ryde – “Trappa Fish”

Deejay St. Joel gathered a crew to celebrate the last single off his 2019 record Gypsy Cobra. On “Trappe Fish,” he’s joined by fellow Minneapolitan Young Nuk, Texas rapper T-Ryde, producer DJ DIcon DeVille, and director Jon Pulido. Together, the rambunctious group put on a rowdy cypher before retiring to the green room for some XXX fun. In the wake of the excitement, Dt. Joel takes to the lake for a cigar and some fishing, relishing in the end of his album cycle.

pure SHIFTER – “Relearn” (live)

pure SHIFTER is one of those bands that really needs to be seen to be understood. The video for “Relearn,” filmed live at the 7th St. Entry by Kevin Vogel, captures the LCD Soundsystem-influenced trio at the height of their powers, belting the trippy single out in melodic fits. The band tends to get a little more intense than this, often twisting mic stands into an unrecognizable heap. Get “Relearn” on pure SHIFTER’s debut release Cru/Cuit

Ka Lia Universe – “$o High”

Introducing Hmong-American singer Ka Lia Universe, the St. Paul artist who is quietly racking up YouTube plays despite little press attention. Maybe that’s because Ka Lia sometimes performs in Hmong, but don’t let the language barrier be your excuse for sleeping on this talented local. Her latest, “$o High,” is an undeniable R&B slapper, rich with the attitude and allure of Aaliyah. It feels a little early-2000s, and that’s about the highest compliment you can give a startup pop artist these days.

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