Frozen Teens Are Calling It Quits

Keeping a band together is hard work -- especially when you've already broken up before. The volatile Minneapolis punk act Frozen Teens recently announced they've decided to say goodbye to this hopeless city, and this time it just might be for real.

A couple of years ago, the trio of guitarist/vocalist Will Simon, bassist/vocalist Wil Olsen, and drummer Andy "Ski" Nowacki released a self-titled album that bristled with garage fury and mod sensibility that despite our best efforts to get the word out is still mostly unheard. This, along with accounts of their live glory, soon may be all we have left of this promising trio.

[jump] Hear the album here (seriously, listen):

As detailed in Jonathan Garrett's story about the group, 2012 marked both the release of this album and a breakup three years into their existence when Olsen left for Kansas City for five months. They all missed each other and reformed later in the year.

Until, that is, Frozen Teens' Simon recently posted this note on Facebook:

From my frozen heart-
A lot of you know we've decided to call it quits. I just wanted to say we had a nice get-together tonight and we're all feeling good about things. Ski showed us some really wild new music he made recently. I'm having the best time I've probably ever had writing, playing and clowning with We/Ours. Constant Insult is making an appearance at Pork next week I'm sure you will all be going to see if you're from here.
I think back and we were all kind of moving in different directions from the start. But when we did land on the same page it was the best feeling in the world to make those songs (next to how you all reacted to them at shows, of course). I always said we'd be my favorite band if I wasn't in it. I'll say it now, I suppose.

New Year's Eve. Hexagon Bar. Last show. Champagne & Balloons.


Key takeaways: You can still catch this band on New Year's Eve at the Hexagon, and the talents of its members live on in Constant Insult and We/Ours.

Frozen Teens. With Wild Child, Waveless, and Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band. 10 p.m., Wednesday, December 31 at Hexagon Bar. RSVP.


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