Fringe numbers are in

The 2005 Minnesota Fringe, with its 855 performances of 168 shows, is now but a memory (albeit of the evocatively blurred and pleasingly frantic variety). Ticket sales overall were slightly higher than last year, and the total of 67 sold-out performances was a record for the festival. Here are the Top Ten shows by total attendance:

1. Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban (Noah Bremer and Jon Ferguson with the Live Action Set). 2. Dick da Tird (Kevin Kling). 3. Adventures in Mating (Joseph Scrimshaw) 4. Kung Fu Hamlet (No Refunds Theatre Co.) 5. Corleone (David Mann and the Rogues) 6. Dance in the Dark (Sossy Mechanics) 7. Buckets and Tap Shoes (10 Foot 5 Productions) 8. I'm Sorry and I'm Sorry (The Candidatos) 9. Nibblers: A Musical With Sharks (Front Porch Theatre) 10. Why Actors Can't Love (June 1st Theater Company)

In all, 44,630 tickets were sold, and average attendance per performance was a very respectable 52.2. Keeping in mind that venue sizes vary quite a bit at the Fringe, here are the shows with the greatest number of sold-out performances:

1. Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban (7 sell-outs at the Soap Factory) 2. Corleone (5 at Minneapolis Theatre Garage) 3. Nibblers: A Musical With Sharks (5 at Minneapolis Theatre Garage) 4. Adventures in Mating (4 at Brave New Workshop) 5. Pentecostal Wisconsin (4 at Acadia Cafe) 6. The Princeton Seventh (4 at Bryant-Lake Bowl) 7. Why Actors Can't Love (3 at the Jungle) 8. Oedipus Wrecks: Shakespeare and Sophocles' Excellent Adventure (3 at Acadia Cafe) 9. Strapped (3 at Bryant-Lake Bowl) 10. The Virgin Diaries (3 at Via's Vintage Wear)

"Pentecostal Wisconsin" and "Corleone" both played to more than 100 percent capacity (latecomers were forced to condense into smaller versions of themselves). Playing at 95 percent capacity or above were "The Princeton Seventh," "Adventures in Mating," and Rik Reppe's "Glorious Noise."

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