Fringe By Numbers: Day Two, "Conundrum Rehabbed"

Title:  Day Two - 8:30 Time Slot


Show: Conundrum Rehabbed
Company:  Joseph Bingham Presents
Venue:  Ritz Theatre
Roll:  13

I mentioned this show once prior to the Fringe because I enjoyed its Fringe-For-All preview.  It's nice to have the dice be kind to me.  Of course, just because one enjoys a preview doesn't mean that the full show will reach one's expectations.  Conundrum Rehabbed did, though.

What a show!  It looked like you were really having fun up there!  As a regular theatre-goer, I have come up with a reserve of statements that I can make that on the surface seem to say that I enjoyed a performance, while at the same time not actually not actually be lying.  Here's the normal scenario:  Show stinks.  Actor friend in show asks, "What did you think?"  You hated it, but can't say that without hurting friend's feelings.  Instead you say, "What a show!"

In the case of this specific performance, though, I found myself saying to myself, "What a show!" in the way that it really is intended.  I wasn't blown away, per se, but I was fully entertained by a variety of dances, dancers, and other performers.  It was a hodgepodge of entertainment and art.  It was, indeed, quite a show.

After the show, I caught myself saying to one of the dancers in the lobby, "It looked like you guys were really having fun up there!"  This is a favorite phrase of a friend of mine.  It serves the same purpose as "What a show!"  I don't use it in that way, though, as I'd never thought of if prior to two nights ago.  Naturally, someone related their phrase to me, and I pick it up immediately.  So... this flies out of my mouth.  But, again, I find that I really mean it.  The dancers were having fun up there, and it had a positive effect on the show and the audience.

The dances were all over the map genre-wise, but they were committed to by the dancers to a level that made each one work as an individual piece as well as a total unit.

I missed the original Conundrum last year.  And last go-'round.  My dice weren't so kind.  I mentioned in an earlier review of another dance show that I seriously injured my knee about 18 months ago.  Seeing this show made me realize how much I miss much I need to get my knee back in shape (if that's at all possible).  These dances inspired me to dance along, even if only in my seat for now.

Couple of other quick things before I leave this review:  John Munger, another former member of the League of Extraordinary Fringers, is in this show.  His new blog is hosted here.  John brings a sense of fun to this piece from the moment you walk into the theatre he is out in the audience clowning around.

That majority of the dancers are young.  Meaning, a lot of them have direct ties to the U of M dance programs.  Note to self: go see more U of M dance performances.  These folks are good.  Also, a couple of the dancers came directly out of MYDT (Midwest Youth Dance Theatre).  As far as young people dancing, they are also really good.  From experience, I can recommend going to see their shows, too, during the non-Fringe season.

Rating: d20 - "One of the Best"

Ten Word Summary: Thriller, Chicago, Cabaret, Swan Lake: That's only half of it

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