Fringe By Numbers: Day Three -- The Beginning

I don't think of myself as a vain man.  Really, I can't imagine that many people look themselves in the mirror and think, "You!  You are a vain man!"  But, I have grown accustomed to people recognizing me, especially around the Fringe.  That isn't happening so much this year.  It took me a while to realize why that is.  You see, for our columns at the Fringe Festival website over the past 5 years, they used photos of us as the logos that branded our musings.  People recognized me because they saw my picture all the time.  Over here at City Pages, my mug isn't ever-present.  It allows me a nice bit of anonymity.  Part of me still hungers to be recognized, but I'm quite happy to be able to bop around the Fringe incognito, too.  Nevertheless, I am going to try an experiment here and include a link to my MySpace page.  My photo's on there.  Let's see if the number of Christopher O. Kidder sightings go up...

There are 7 show slots today.  I have my daughter with me.  She's 9.  In past years, I have set aside my dice on days when she was with me in favor of children's shows.  It has only been one day per year.  It has always been the only exception.  That being said, she and I have an understanding this year.  She's getting old enough to sit through whatever I roll.  And last night she went with me to the 7 p.m. and the 8:30 p.m. slots.  One was kid appropriate, one really wasn't.  It's still all about the dice this year... with one major exception.  And today contains that exception.  At 4 p.m. we will be attending Snip, Snap, Snute.  This was a show that she declared her favorite of the previews that she attended with me.  I promised her I would take her with me to see it.  So... today I uphold that promise.  That being said, I have no idea what else we'll be seeing yet, but whatever the dice say, she's going along with it.  My little girl is growing up!

Here are today's charts.  You can roll your own 20-sided die to determine what shows to see!  Or, if you don't have a d20, you can grab a random person on the street (gently, please) and ask them to choose a number 1-20.  Works just as well.  I think.  I honestly don't know.  I always use dice.

Fringe Central is going to be a hopping place today.  At noon there's an ice cream social for families that Fringe together.  We might try to hit that before our first show.  And then tonight, it's the 15th anniversary bash at the Bedlam Theater.  Come join in and celebrate!

Randomosity abounds!

  • Let's mix the arts and the sciences!  Science!
  • Only 6 more days until the 2008 Olympics!  I want to take you back to the 1984 Olympics for a moment.  Actually, to Orono, MN in 1984.  A 10 year-old kid watching the Olympics on TV there had decided that he was going to work really hard to someday make the Olympic basketball team.  So, he went outside and shot baskets for a long time in his drive way.  He had the passion.  He had the drive.  He hadn't yet found out that he'd stop growing at 5'10" and somehow land in theatre as a career path.  Nevertheless he still loves watching the Olympics every four years, even though it doesn't seem to mean as much any more.  Maybe he'll go shoot some hoops before his first Fringe show today.
  • Talking about myself in the third person is a little odd.
  • Well, hello there!
  • Sometimes I wonder at the marvel that is the internet.  Today I punched three words into Google: Sword, Refrigerator, Wrong.
  • Let's wrap this up with a bit of trivia from Hooked on Facts: "California has issued at least 6 drivers licenses to people named Jesus Christ." - Okay, so apparently in California you can change your name to whatever you want.  There's also a man in California named Zaphod Beeblebrox.  This reminds me of something that I noticed many years ago.  My first wedding was held in Minnesota where, at least at the time, you could put just about anything down for what your name was going to be after the wedding.  Both man and woman could come away with completely different names.  You could walk in as Bob Smith, and get hitched as Perry Winkle Snow.  If that's what you wanted and you filled out the form accordingly, you were golden.  Now, my second wedding was in Iowa where only last names could be changed.  I kind of understand why they do it that way... tradition...ease of calling you by your first name still...  But when it comes down to it, I like the MN way better.  I don't know how it works in California, but it seems that is may even be more simple than that to go by whatever you can think of.

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