Fringe By Numbers: Day Three, "Snip, Snap, Snute"

Day Three: 4:00 p.m. Time Slot

Show: Snip, Snap, Snute
Company:  Alrighty, Then
Venue: U of M Rarig Center Proscenium
Die Roll:  n/a - this was chosen by my daughter

As I explained in an earlier post, this show was the one that I promised I would take my daughter to, no matter what.  And so, the day before she leaves for two successive summer camps, that's just what I did.

It is the story of a troll girl and a human girl who were swapped at birth.  They are raised by families that they can't truly be a part of.  And they eventually go on an adventure that results in them finding their real parents.

I'm going to review this in two ways:  First, as a script and score.  Second, as a performance.

I really liked this script.  It is clearly one written for families with smaller kids.  It is well written and the music is far superior to many other children's musicals.  The idea of a three troll back-up group like the Pips is hilarious and effective. The harmonies are great.  The instrumentation is simple.  If I were a play publisher, I would snatch this up and start promoting it immediately to the community theatre crowd.

That being said, this production was like one from a community theatre crowd.  Mind you, it is a very good community theatre in many respects, but still not rising to the level of professionals.  The group is clearly musically gifted.  In fact, my first thoughts about the show are that it seemed like it was directed by a choir conductor.  The singing was terrific, but the staging resembled groups of people standing in little choirs.  The choreography was extremely basic and a bit clunky.

Let's consider another question, though... how do kids like it?  My 9 year-old daughter thought it was terrific.  She loved it.  The 12 year-old who was with us was bored out of her skull.  So... I'm guessing if you have a kid under 10-ish this'll be right up their alley.  After that, probably not.

Rating: d10 = Worth Going To

Ten Word Summary: Trolls and girls find family in the most unexpected places

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